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Hiya… The shifting has been tiring. Everything that could go wrong, did.

In Mumbai, flats are never empty. There is barely a few days gap before a new tenant shifts in. You have to take the flat in whatever condition given- cracks, holes, dust, plugs not working etc. In Gurgaon, the flat is given in a perfect condition- every flaw is corrected. This is the responsibility of the broker.
When we reached the house, the broker was out of town. We discovered the plugs were not working, the doors were not getting locked and power back up was not available. I screamed at the owner’s broker (she hugged me when I had met her… we call it the hug of poison) while KC screamed at ours. We got the cable installed with difficulty (Airtel DTH still pending… it has been 3 days) but there was no electricity. KC and I headed to our fav restaurant ‘Dana Choga’ for an early dinner and caught the last 30 overs of the match at CCD. The world cup was the ONLY positive for KC. I woke up on Sunday at 7 am and started unpacking. We did not leave the house for more than a few mins since people kept coming with some or the other work. KC was irritated ‘coz I wanted everything finished before joining work. If it was upto him the same task would get accomplished in 2 weeks (on the optimistic side). My only treat was a warm bath once everything was done. Guess what??? The geyser was leaking. I shivered through my bath and realized how exhausted I was when I hit the bed. My whole body was aching and it was not yet over. There was more to do the next day.
KC was at work today and I got work done by carpenter, electrician, broadband guy, washing machine installation guy etc. 90% done now… the rest will have to wait till the weekend.
So, a new life begins. It is nice to have KC around. Our major argument has been on sharing the shoes cabinet.
I can bookmark this date on my blog- the day we began our married life. This is nice.
There are many more things I want to write about- how Gurgaon has changed (or not), my first impressions of it, Gurgaon Vs Mumbai, maid troubles, culture differences etc. Maybe I can write about 1-2 topics everyday. Lets see.
For now, I have the fastest connection- 4 Mbps. The downloads which took 2 hours earlier are now done in 15 mins. And I am watching ‘America’s Next top model’ on Love Big CBS… a channel with all English soaps- Everybody loves Raymond, Oprah etc.
Good night!!! I hope work life turns out to be good.

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