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Hiya. Yesterday something terrible happened. My self esteem was at a low and I wondered how to handle the situation. One of my colleagues had mentioned that if I type a mail when stressed I should send it a few hours later. Thats what I did. I didn’t lose my temper which was a big surprise. I took time in the day to decide on the best course of action.

When it comes to work… specially in sales, this calm attitude is a surprise for me. Victory has been mine. I guess coming home to someone really helps keeps the stress at bay. I can actually leave work worries at work once I am home. Total work life balance.
It also helps that I have a hubby to nag at home…:)
Anyway, none of our weekend plans materialized. We spent 3 days trying to find a gear lock for the car… and succeeded. On Saturday night we headed to Mainland China for dinner. I have liked the outlet in Gurgaon… we used to go there often while dating. The buffet was quite good then even though pricey. The Powai outlet does not have buffet so I was looking forward to dinner.
Except… a pint of Sula wine cost 550 bucks… there were ONLY 2 non veg starters… there was no chicken drumsticks (I don’t know if it is Chinese or not… but should have been served)… paneer as one of the starters (REALLY???)… the main course was strictly ok… and so were the desserts. Something seems amiss. The outlet seems to have gone on cost cutting spree even though prices are the same. Maybe we should have gone ala carte. I don’t know but I am disappointed.
On Sunday, I wanted to have Italian. We planned to go to sbarro at DT City Center. There is no Little Italy in Delhi NCR. The outlet has been shut down. We had disappointing dosas at a South Indian outlet in the same mall. And I discovered that sbarro is an Italian fast food joint… a far cry from authentic Italian we wanted to have.
So, the search for good food in Gurgaon continues… hope I find it.
Btw, my cook can actually COOK. I don’t have to stand and instruct the basics. She just made yummy dal fry… all on her own.

6 thoughts on “The search for good food

  1. If I recollect correctly, I had been to ambience mall in gurgaon during my last visit. I found the restaurants there absolute high class. The food, the service, the ambience all five star.

  2. @ Anonymous: Which planet do you live on? A cook is no more a luxury

    @ Anita: Still have to try Ambi Mall…. we are actually looking for an Italian restaurant and Ambi does not have one

  3. Found your blog while looking for something entirely different!

    You’ll get nice Italian food in Italiano (although I’ve always maintained their appetizers and soups are better than their main courses), which is in DLF Phase III. And in the same complex is Wok-a-mama, which has amazing Asian food.

    Sweet Obsession, in the shopping mall in DLF Phase I, also has good Italian and Mexican food, but more importantly, brilliant desserts. And Bisque in Phase II also has decent continental food, and good desserts too.

    Of course, I have no idea where in Gurgaon you live, but all of these places are kind of close to City Center, so shouldn’t be a problem 🙂

    Oh and Ambience Mall has a bunch of restaurants of all cusines, which I hear are worth checking out, but I don’t go there too often if I can help it!

  4. @ Anonymous: Well, you do have a variety of frozen foods available there which makes cooking convenient
    @ Traveller: Thanks… will try these out. I have tried out FresCo in Ambi Mall… it sucks. Pan Asia is good, though

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