The run I couldn’t finish

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I know I shouldn’t start off on such a negative note but it is what it is. The plan was to reach Lodi gardens on Saturday morning at 5-5.30 am and run loops around and inside for 27 km. S was planning to run as well and we had decided to meet up for b’fast. It rained all night on Friday and on Saturday morning. So I skipped the run. Sure, it was nice and sunny at 7 am and I could have atleast done the 13 km run but I was enjoying a relaxed morning in bed for a change. So, I headed to Lodi Gardens yesterday morning and started running at 6 am. I would have finished the 27 km between 9.30 and 10 am. I parked my car and started running on the ADHM route. The sign boards took me to India Gate where I have always wanted to run. I am not a patriotic person because I don’t believe in boundaries. Who is man to divide this planet into pieces and make so many rules about moving between continents/countries? But there are some moments when my heart swells with pride, when I can “feel” the love for this country. Standing at India Gate gave me goosebumps.


There were many runners, cyclists, people playing cricket or football in the gardens around. Why haven’t I gone there before? It is barely a few km from Lodi Gardens.

I was fine till 15 km even though the tee I was wearing was all wrong and it was very hot. And then I ran out of water. I went to the vendor outside Lodi gardens, bought a bottle of chilled water, filled my 500 ml bottle with water, left the half empty chilled bottle at the vendor and told him I will pick it up later. There was also a coconut water vendor. Who says you need a hydration car with a driver, food and water following you when you train for a full marathon? There are middle class ways of training.

I started doing loops inside Lodi gardens but was thoroughly bored by 9 am. At 21 km, I decided to stop. I have a timed half marathon- Dwarka half marathon next Sunday and the plan includes taper runs this week. I don’t HAVE to run 27 km or even 21 km but I wanted to. Oh well, a better weather and am sure it will be ok.

Training for a full marathon requires a lot of will power and adjustments. I have to sleep on time on Friday and Saturday nights. I have to wake up early. I cannot skip the long or the recovery or the tempo/interval/hill repeat runs. I have to do yoga and strength train. I have to foam roll. But it is just a matter of few months. I can go back to late night partying after 1st November.

Late night partying = watch movies at home and sleep by 11 pm instead of 10 pm right now.

My shin splits are gone and I cannot believe it. Earlier, after any strenuous run- a long run or fast run, my shins (the bone in front of or is it behind the calves) would hurt. It was so bad that I couldn’t even touch them. I started foam rolling them regularly and now they are gone. Pooh… into thin air.

Ciao. I have to go for my recovery run now.

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