The posts have slowed down…

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I don’t know why I have not posted in 12 days. Have I been so busy??? Even on weekends? I don’t know.
I promise to blog more often. It isn’t that I don’t have enough to say… its just that I am not using/planning my time well.
These days I feel like I am running all the time to catch up with up with time. Its the Mumbai effect. People run so fast on weekdays that weekends drain them completely.
I was in Hyderabad and Bangalore this week for work. Bangalore is my 2nd favorite city (after Delhi). It is green… clean… with good weather… nice houses… quaint street names (Richmond road, Whitefield)… excellent food options (I love South Indian non veg)… big, big malls and showrooms (10 times the size of those in Mumbai)… a very young and cosmopolitan crowd. There was a time when I was seriously considering moving to this city.
Hyderabad is not bad either. My last visit to this city was extremely traumatic. My brother had packed his bags and left his engg college. He told his friends my parents have called him home. But he was headed somewhere else… and nobody knew where. My parents were frantic with worry. They flew to Mumbai while I travelled to Hyderabad. At that point I was in Rajkot. I still remember that night… my friend had come to my hotel for dinner. I received a call and realized my bro was missing. I decided to fly to Hyderabad in the morning. But, there are no flights from Rajkot. I booked a cab… my friend accompanied me. We left Rajkot at midnight for A’bad. We reached at 4 am… this friend left immediately for Rajkot where he went straight to office at 8/9 am… while I caught a 6 am flight and reached my bro’s college. After blasting the authorities for having no rules or regulations to prevent students from leaving just like that, I headed to the local police station to file a complaint. The police was very helpful and sent a constable with us. I questioned his friends (who knew nothing)… requested another friend to help me trace his phone no… and then tracked down the travel agent from where he booked his ticket to Mumbai. The friend who works in a telecom company pulled some strings and informed me that the last signal was found at Sion in Mumbai. The driver of the bus remembered my bro (very, very fair guy with glasses) and confirmed that he got off at Sion.
By then my parents realized that I had better leads and flew down to Hyderabad. We then boarded a bus to Mumbai. Thankfully, in the morning my bro contacted my cousin in Mumbai and returned home.

My sis’s friend once told her- some people are like an spring… the harder you suppress them… the harder they bounce back.

I had planned to write something else but well… tomorrow, I guess.

Btw- The shopping ban lasted 17 days… including 2 weekends… not bad… next time I will target a month. What interrupted the ban? A nasty boss and a pair of footwear. 

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  1. I know of a variation of that phrase and I am pretty sure it is from a movie though I don’t remember which one:
    “People are like sand: the harder you try to hold on to them, the more easily they squeeze through your fingers”


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