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The last 2 years KC and I have not bought too much furniture… for the first 6 months after marriage we did not even have a bed. The relocation, deposit and rent cost too much and we decided to wait a while. After the 6 months, we bought basic minimum furniture- bed, mattress, sofa cum bed, dining table, a center table and a TV unit. It filled the 1 bhk to the brim. In our current 2 bhk it looks sparse. But now all our savings have and will go in the flat we have purchased in Noida (I will come to that later).

We have also realized that we will not be able to live in our own house for atleast the next 5 years and waiting for so much time to buy proper furniture is not feasible. Anyway, now we are in a dilemma… we want to buy furniture but cannot spare the cash. That does stop us from window shopping and picking items we will buy later.
Yesterday, I dragged KC to Lifestyle’s Home Centre. It has a sale on furniture. The top item on my wishlist is a good couch… a leather couch which will welcome me into its arms after a hard day’s work… a couch on which I can lounge around while watching TV on weekends… a couch where we can invite friends for movies and drinks. We found the perfect couch and I am dreaming about it… hoping to buy it soon. Of course, it costs a bomb. The next item on the wish list is a lazy boy or a recliner… a good one. This also costs a bomb but is so worth it. KC is a little reluctant to blow up money on a chair but I am all for it. I know he will love it.
Anyone here interested in gifting them? If you have a tree where money grows, please let me know.
The papers are full of Noida farmers’ agitation on construction of flats on their lands and low compensation. I will not get into who is right and who is wrong. We recently bought a flat in Noida and have not received any notices YET. We checked out all the constructions which are conflicted right now. I was a little keen on going for something which cost less, took its time in construction and development was to happen… while KC wanted a flat in a developed area even if it cost more. We went with the later and thank god for that. The construction is 60% complete… it is within Noida and not on the outskirts and the builders are very well known.
I sympathize with everyone who bought their flats in the conflicted area… it is like buying a flat in the to-be constructed airport area of Mumbai and finding out later there is a problem. It seems like a damn good opportunity right now but how are buyers to know who the land has been bought from and at what rates?
Its a sad situation with both parties being right- farmers and the buyers. Maybe the builders are also in the clear… it is the Govt who bought and sold the land.
Lets see how this gets resolved.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Couch

  1. Congrats on your noida flat. Let me know later where you bought it? We could be next door neighbours, you know!
    Buy the couch, if thats what you want. The wait for the right time will never end, so there is nothing like the right moment, in my opinion.

  2. @ Anita: Its in sector 110… I think you must be staying within the city…
    Cannot buy the couch right now… too many other priorities right now..

    @ RT: Thanks… let me pay for it first… then we will party

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