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Hiya… one of my anonymous pankhe has commented how boring this blog has become. I completely agree… I try to fill posts with reviews about books and movies when I don’t have much to write. Not that nothing is happening in my life… loads is… but I don’t want to write about it. I treasure my privacy… hehehehhee…

  • Pune was great fun… it was nice to sit and do nothing on a weekday. We went to Hard Rock Cafe… It is an amazing place… and the crowd is fab… I didn’t go to HRC in Gold Coast or Bangkok ‘coz I wanted to explore the regional places there…
  • Tomorrow is month end closing and I am frustrated… it is one of the worst months. Thankfully, things will only get better June onwards
  • It is my B’day in June… Yoohoo!!! I love my b’days… I love receiving gifts and phone calls at midnight (hint: all friends MUST call)… I like new beginnings like… New Years, B’days etc
  • People rave about Pune… I don’t know what is so great about it. It does have its advantages- proximity to Mumbai, posh areas, good pubs, low cost of living…
  • I always bargain with the autowala (who doesn’t)… this is how it goes… he will charge a stuppendous amount.. I will act horrified… offer him a reasonable rate which will be higher than that offered by a local person… he will act horrified… and then say things like; “It is just a matter of Rs5/10… how can you be so stingy.. blah blah”… I will tell him; “You have 2 options…. take this or leave it”… he will take it… atleast twice the autowala has left the money… Strange people.
  • I sometimes wonder what the hotel people think about me. They must be surprised to see a female staying here all alone… they also know my routine… who I meet, when I go out, when I return, what I eat, what I wear… what irony… I don’t even know names of the people who know so much about me.
  • I love the movie ‘Luck by Chance’… every scene takes you higher… every scene is real
  • I spotted Nikhil Chinappa on my flight the other day… I was going to ask him for an autograph but then saw his shorts…. they were quite ugly and looked like boxers. I decided to ignore him
  • I also spotted Joanna the other day (of ‘Splitsville’ fame) at the airport… she is quite short and hot… I wanted to ask who won the game… but was too tired.

Good night… I need to get back to reading ‘Dilbert and the way of the Weasel’… I write a review.

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  1. finally ..something about u to read… disappointed by Nikhil’s appearance- i expected him to wear normal clothes if not stylish…not the kind u mentioned…

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