The Palace of Illusions

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What a book!!!

When I was a kid there was a poem in one of my Hindi text books. It was about the women in epics nobody wrote about. Everyone praises Sita and applauds her sacrifice… but how many remember Laxman’s wife? Do we even know her name??? That is because Laxman had requested her to stay at home during the Vanwas so he could concentrate on serving Ram and Sita instead of getting distracted by her.
This book is about Draupadi… her point of view. Obviously, her feelings could be fiction but the events are not… I mean, the events are from the epic. For all I know… Mahabharata is fiction.
A very good book… it sucked me in… I opened it on Sunday and read through the rest of the week till today morning (after work, of course).
I hate it when a good book ends… there is a void in my life after the last word is read. Who knows how long it will be before another one can have a similar effect?
I have also gotten interested in Mahabharata and am looking for an e-book.

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