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This is what I was supposed to write in the previous post.

I was thinking about this article in TOI yesterday on Maggi. Some lady interviewed has said her daughter eats only Maggi for b’fast and she cannot get her to eat anything else.

This got me thinking … in the shower. My most creative moments are… in the shower and while riding a two wheeler. I have composed so many poems while doing the latter. No wonder, I stopped writing poems… I don’t have my scooty around.

*This post is not on parenting skills or kids or another rant against any of that. Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief? Damn you, people*

I was thinking about how as I grow older I seem to become more like my parents. Atleast in their habits. I am like them in many other aspects too… I am as stubborn and independent as my mother… unfortunately, being on the opposite sides of the table means there will always be conflict.

But am digressing. I think the circle of life goes like this:

Be born

Have your parents impose their living standards on you

As a kid, you do it because no other option

Become a teenager… rebel… even if they are right… rebel…

Join work… continue with rebellious ways because you don’t have time for anything else

Hit 30… start making decisions based on logic… science… basically, improve your life for the better

Realize… that is what your parents taught you as a kid…

Start living like your parents did

Have kids…

And the cycle starts all over again.

*Another disclaimer. I am not saying listen to your parents and shit. Life is not half as much fun if you start living according to their wishes. Trust me. All the bullshit in the middle is important*

I am just going to list out things I was forced to do as a kid, I hated it, rebelled against it as a teenager and in my 20s… and have gone back to doing the same with my tail between my legs.

*Yes… I just called myself a bitch… didn’t you know this already?*

1) I sleep by 10 pm


Spent years making fun of my parents for sleeping by 10 pm. Who does that? That is soooooo uncool. People who sleep by 10 pm have no idea what having fun is. Their life is boring.

Now :

Umm… not going to refute any of the above. Maybe I am uncool, stupid, boring… and am ok with it… as long as I can hit the sack by 10 pm.

2) Drink milk every morning


Hated milk as a kid… simply because I was expected to drink it every morning. We were served milk in the boarding for b’fast, in the evening and at night. Yep, the night milk was generally stale but we had to drink it anyway.

*Btw, finicky parents – nobody ever fell ill from drinking stale milk. So, stop being so anal about things. Specially sex. Anal sex is not worth it. Kidding. No, am not*

Even as a teen my mother was after my life to drink milk every morning because…. calcium.


It isn’t a good day when I don’t have time for milk in the morning. And milk is not = coffee or tea. I drink milk- with Bournvita or Boost or cocoa or blended with fruits to make a smoothie. I drink “real” milk. Tea/Coffee is not “real” doodh.

3) Wake up at 5:30 am


My parents were up by 5 am every morning and there would be hell if we slept after 8 am. It was impossible to sleep beyond 8 am because of all the noise. So…. terrible. I was so miserable as a teen. What kind of a life is that?


The best days are when I am up by 5.30 am. The dream is to wake up at 5 am regularly. So much time in the day for so many things.

4) Workout in the mornings


Mom does her yoga in front of the TV while watching Baba Ramdev (cringe). Dad goes for a run or works out at home. Soooo much noise. And when I was asked to join her for all the asanas? No way. Not over my dead body.

Me :

Wake up at 5.30 am … go for a run. Workout in the evening. Struggle through yoga because that is my Everest right now.

5) Eat light for dinner


What are you eating? Poha/Omelette/Fruits/Milk only for dinner? Why? Let’s eat something delicious.


Has fruits/Oats/Eggs etc for dinner.

6) No Maggi


You don’t like Maggi? Why? I love it so much, am eating it everyday… for b’fast or as evening snack.


Does not even stock Maggi at home.

7) Fruits as a snack in the evening


Nahi…. I want bhujia and kala khatta when hunger strikes at 5/6 pm. Don’t give me fruits and stuff


Only fruits at that hour.

8) Multani mitti pack for oily skin


Eww… this is so much work. Multani mitti, haldi, rose water and messy too. I am not doing it.


I am out of multani mitti? I don’t want to leave the house today.

9) Ghar ka khana


Daal chawal roti sabji? Sooooo boring. Let’s cook something new- Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Non veg.


I just want daal chawal or roti sabji or sabji chawal. Chinese… Italian waghera weekend pe bahar khayenge.


I am back to living like I did as a kid… except, then I was forced to… now I do it because of free will and it makes sense to me.

Parents are right, after all… atleast about some things.

If you are a parent… please strive to be the kind whose kids will remember you in their 30s and say “They were right, after all”.

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