The most important pin- the safety pin

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I have been looking for a bunch of safety pins for a year now. I had only 1 pin… which was used wherever required. Thankfully, I have never needed it on my top and the bottom at the same time. Last month KC borrowed it in the morning and I was prompt enough to take it back at night.

“Why all the drama?”; you may ask. Well… a safety pin is not sold in provision stores (not that I have been to one in months…but…), it is not stocked in supermarkets or hypermarkets (Strange, but true) and not present even in beauty stores like Health and Glow. Finally, yesterday a lady got on the train to sell hair knick knacks (clips, rubber bands etc) and thats how I grabbed 3 bunches of safety pins which should safely last me 3 years… maybe more.
And yes… I travelled by train… it is a once a month ritual when I have to go to Bhiwandi.
Rains are such a pain… everything gets muddy. I was stupid enough to wear my white leggings to Bhiwandi with a kurta. The leggings are sloshed in mud and the stains wont come off. Stupid ad of Surf Excel… “daag ache hai”… I need to switch to another detergent. How is Ariel?
I guess monsoon is the season to wear skirts, capris and shorts. Do carry a tissue to wipe the mud off your feet.
I took a cab to Kopar village today. Unfortunately the cab driver was more clueless about the road than me. He was about to drive to Koparkhairane instead. He took straight when directed to the right and vice versa. The strangest part was he would drive on when signal was yellow or red and then I would remind him to stop which he would do right in the middle of the road. And when it turned green he would be day dreaming. I finally asked him; “Mumbai mein naye ho?”. He said “Nahi”. I wonder how long he will survive here.
It has been raining long and hard today but there is no sign of water logging. I guess the government has done something good to prevent any chuttis due to rain. What a bummer!!!
I was at Phoenix Mills in the morning when Boss called and told me about a bomb threat there. I asked him to confirm it so I can leave the place. My job is not worth giving up my life for… actually, nothing is. There was a Police jeep, another van and sniffer dogs. On enquiring from the Food Bazaar guard on their presence he said it is a 15th August thing. Liar!!!
Ta da… people. It has been a hectic week. Good night.
BTW… My gym and healthy schedule has lasted 10 days and I have lost 1 kg. Yoohoo!!!

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  1. 1 pin for such a long time wow!!!
    i loose one evry other time i use them..
    have u ever seen something called as fancy stores or similar??
    u get safety pins there 🙂

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