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So… the drums start again on the road near my building. I have paused the CD player ‘coz I cannot hear a thing. I can’t even hear myself think. I have never hated another festival soooo much… not even Holi when you cannot venture outdoors… not Diwali when you have to look for crackers on the streets.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most hated festival of all. What makes it ok for people to inconvenience others sooo much? There is fear in the evening while leaving work ‘coz I can never be sure which roads will be blocked by people carrying the statue for visarjan.
Compare this to Durga Puja that I witnessed during my 1 month stay in Kolkata. For 4-5 days the entire city is closed… malls, shops, offices… everything. People go pandaal hopping in peace. I have visited 3-4 pandaals in one day without any nuisance… there was not too much traffic or crowd. People had fun in their own way without bothering anyone else. There was no blocking the streets, no blaring noise, no untoward incidents.
I think we should all learn how to celebrate festivals from the Kolkatans.
I hate Mumbai all the more now. The government is quite useless. Basic amenities are lacking- the city is dirty, roads have potholes, traffic is out of control, rents are sky high and so not worth it, there are diseases everywhere, slums as far as the eye can see and terrorist attacks every year.
Can it get worse?

3 thoughts on “The most hated festival

  1. coz durag visarjan is on a single day for teh entire caluctta wheras ganesh visarjan is flexible..??
    though agree wid u at times on the decible value but Yes we indians are a noisy lot and since we are a huge number if one makes noise there are 50 around who get disturbed…
    not to be an advocate but I think that’s the way people look for happiness in noise while they are so busy running between locals from mrng 5 to nite 11…the other days…
    its not just mumbai all major cities are almost like this-potholes, dirt, pollution, traffic, crowd u – if u want to get out u need to move to tier 2 cities…

    @Sjmach: i dont think so u always get wat u desrve sometimes better and sometimes worse…

  2. @ Sundeep: Lol… actually, people always complain about how they never get what they deserve

    @ RT: Durga Puja lasts 3-4 days while Ganesh visarjan goes on randomly for 12 days. There are soooo many festivals which are celebrated like this… I can understand Holi or Diwali when everyone has leave… but during Ganesh Chaturthi the normal people are going about their routine. Life is difficult as it is without hordes of people making it worse for 12 days.

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