The monster called PCOS. Is it back?

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I had to hear the dreaded word PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome) again today. It’s been after my life since 2009.

When I shifted to Mumbai in June 2009 from Rajkot, my periods just stopped. I knew I wasn’t pregnant because we were using protection so this was very weird. After 3 months I saw a gynaecologist and she declared I have PCOS. This obviously involved ultrasound and stuff. What is PCOS? It is a lifestyle disease- which basically means I had been treating my body like shit by not exercising and eating crap so it was revolting. I had cysts in my ovaries and if I didn’t take measures this could lead to infertility or worse, diabetes. That really shook me up. I don’t want diabetes… ever. I was put on contraceptive pills, started exercising, joined a weight loss program at VLCC and started eating right. This meant standing up to my bosses and telling them I need to be home by 8 pm because that’s when my cook arrived. That also meant leaving from work at 6 pm because home was 2 hours drive in the peak period. Thankfully, none of my managers had a problem with that. In fact, they went out of their way to ensure meetings were scheduled and over by 6 pm. Even my appraisal was scheduled earlier. Any dinner outings were now lunch outings. At my end I ensured I started work by 9 am.

I got my last ultrasound in 2013. I was in Mumbai and decided to visit the same gynaecologist. She told me everything is as normal as it can be. I don’t really know what that means.

I have been off the pill for the last few months and really miss them. My periods have become slightly irregular making it difficult to track when am ovulating. My acne is back. I did not know that the contraceptive pills were the reason for their disappearance. So, now I have severe acne on my chin which signifies hormone issues (according to the internet). The acne is so bad I don’t feel like going to work…. and refused to video chat with a friend… but then he convinced me and I hope he couldn’t see them in the non-HD resolution.

The dermatologist asked me if I still have PCOS because that could be responsible for the acne. This monster is so difficult to shirk off. Aargh!!!

PCOS is also responsible for weight gain and extra hair growth on the body.

I am so frustrated with all the medical problems of the last 1 month. This is the last thing I needed. I have spent every evening in last 15 days at the hospital and I still have to go see a gynaecologist. Am sure he/she will give me further good news.

But am more pissed about the fact that Susan Miller has not mentioned any health problems in this month’s forecast. I understand she has been dealing with health issues and been in the hospitals. Even her forecasts have become shorter.

But I refuse to believe I have health problems till I read them in her forecast.

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No, I am not getting paid to promote her….. though I wish I was šŸ™‚


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