The making of the caramel custard

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There are certain things in life you treasure once they are gone forever. Like, being so skinny you can feel every bone in your body when you were 18 years old.

On Holi, KC and I went for lunch to Cafe Military. To end the sumptuous Parsi meal we ordered caramel custard because that is how every Parsi meal is supposed to end. He gobbled it up in one go before I could even taste my share. We had to order another one so I could get a few bites.

In Mumbai, if you don’t order caramel custard at Gajalee it is considered a crime. If people are sent to prison for a food related crime, this should be the ONLY one. Actually, if people could get arrested for food choices, can we start with the vegetarians? They are such a repulsive group of people. Eating the green cover of this planet.

On Saturday, we went for lunch to Sodabottleopenerwala. Something is wrong with their chicken salli. It tastes overly sweet. Caramel custard wasn’t on the menu GASP. We ordered the laganu custard and it tasted like shit. That is when it hit me. I have taken the presence of caramel custard in my life for granted. This was going to be one of those things I sorely miss when I move back to Gurgaon. And there is no restaurant in Delhi or Gurgaon that will satisfy my craving.

For a moment I found it hard to breath. A world without 24/7 access to caramel custard? Do I even want to live such a life? This isn’t what I bargained for. This isn’t how I imagined life would be. I had taken Caramel custard for granted for 2 years and would now be punished by never being able to have it. This is why you must not turn away from the desserts brought to your table at Gajalee once you are done with your meal. If you don’t respect dessert, it will be taken away forever and ever. And then what are you going to do with those abs? Do they even matter if there is no caramel custard?

I did the only thing I could. Learnt to cook it at home. As long as I have the ingredients and 6-7 hours (30 mins for cooking, 30 mins for baking and 4-6 hours to chill in the fridge), I can eat caramel custard. Recipe taken from I skipped the pistachio and nutmeg powder in the recipe.



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