The lost flamingoes of Bombay

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Sigh!!! What a book!!! A critic had given this one a scathing review… I was surprised since it has won some award and is on the bestsellers list.
A good book is one which lets you peep into the writer’s mind. While reading it you know what the writer was thinking while writing it. No such luck with this book.

I can think of 2 reasons why it was written:

1) The author (does he deserve the title of ‘author’) wanted to write a philosophical book with depth and intellect. He sets the story around Jessica Lal’s murder and Bombay. He fails terribly… none of the characters or situations are well defined.. I have never heard 2 men talk about feelings so much (maybe they got injections of estrogen)… it is strange to find that the entire book revolves around 3-4 people… and everyone seems to suffer miserably. With this end in mind… author has done a pretty shoddy job.

2) Sex sells… scandal sells… take a headlines grabbing incident… sprinkle sex, booze, mirch, masala.. and serve it in a book. Bam!!! It is on the bestseller list and has won awards. Total success.

I hated this book… and it was late by the time I realized it… I was half way through… It was like reading Shobha De which you hate and yet go on… the end leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Please… totally avoid!!!

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  1. Thank god you didn’t… I like the way she writes… but the stories are horrible… all revolve around sex… she makes it seem so dirty.

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