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FYI. The comments on this post are from 2006… they were posted on my first blog. Thanks to all my friends who rallied around me – A, A, T, H, P, S… and helped me ignore such bastards.

The absolute worst kind of trolling is when the person is known to you. He/She sees you everyday, notices you and then posts shit on social media- blog or twitter anonymously. Why would anyone bother so much? Because he/she has time and no life. Do you see me making other’s life miserable intentionally? Nope. Because I do have a looooooottttt of things to do. In fact, my plate is so full I can’t even see the plate anymore. Trolls have my sympathy rather than ire. They just don’t know better.

When I started my blog in 2006 I was studying in an illustrious B school *sarcasm* where I ended up interacting with many potential rapists.

Potential rapists – Narrow minded men who cannot stand the sight of independent women and will go out of their way to bring them down one way or the other… sometimes by filming them on camera or posting nasty comments on their blog.

These are the comments posted by the PR (potential rapist). I was upset… very upset then because I was naive, innocent, sensitive. Thankfully, am none of those anymore. People now think twice before messing with me and I prefer it that way.

Weren’t those the days when you were grinding some Dilbert book as if you will be sentenced to death if you fail to finish it with in a deadline? Then you justified your behavior based on your reading habit, which makes you glued to the book. To be frank, I couldn’t find many changes even after that. You only deal with fellow tom boys (bullshit, some stupid girls who ‘try’ to be ‘like’ boys, pity you!!). And every attempt to deal with the outside world failed miserably (read Episode). Each one of you find one boy, and within no time they find that you’re more of a boy and ditches you…!! Dont socialize boy, just keep yourself to Mr. A, Mr. P and Mr. A!! Chuck out the ‘girls’ like U and P..!!! Please save the world !! Β 


A, P, A are girls I admire. A is also a best friend. PR hates independent women like us. He prefers ‘girly’ girls like U and P.

I’m the same ‘Anonymous’ who gave you the previous comment. And for your kind info, I’m not a guy. But still, I do appreciate your guts in publishing a negative comment and I dont belong to the class ‘who know and dislike you’, even though I dont ‘like you’. You’re what you are !! And about Fresher’s party, let me ask you something, when a girl like you who has got real big boobs and wears loose undergarments and body contoured outfits jumps around, can you really blame if some ‘boy’ who is a ‘boy’ zooms on them? Weren’t you aware that it was a public party in which everyone had the right to watch what others do? And even after creating all those mess, why nothing came out of that video? Whey only seven girls signed in your signature campaign?? And what about all the noise you created during Episode?? Why you were left only with H to support you?? Now about only ‘boys can be nasty’, and T being full of nasty people; wasn’t about the same bunch of boys you and your room mate were discussing all during your first year nights?? Weren’t with the same people you discussed about having sex with one by one? Initiator may be Ms.S or you, but I prefer to attach that responsibility with someone who has got the entire collection of ‘Sex and the city’!! Don’t you think if the entire world says something is wrong with you, it is worth giving a try to give a look for self?? Its not that you dont have the right to remain who you really want to be, but its about imparting some more perfection to your personality. A human being, who is an animal, is not acceptable to the society s/he lives in, means s/he is failing the very basic existence of the self, dont you think?


– Read about the video incident here

– Episode is an ice breaker event between seniors and juniors. In the 2nd year, I was leading a team and well, I was terrible at it. What I didn’t learn at B school, I learned in my job. I make a damn good leader now. Fair but tough.

– If a woman watches ‘Sex and the city’, she is a slut.

– Talking about sex = slut

– He thinks I have big boobs. Yaay!!!! I don’t…. so… yaaay….

Haahahahhaahhaaa…………!!! You may be gutsy, not gutsy enough….!!! Had a fight with that G girl, eh??


G is my ex boyfriend’s then gf and now ex-wife. I have no idea how this guy knew. Only my closest female friends or online male friends (A and N) would have known this

One more thing, dont ever count me in the bunch of that eunuch J !! Hehe…. lot more ‘inner secrets’ to come out honey…. Episode video is nothing…!!! BTW, where’s R now??


J is a batchmate who liked A and was a regular reader of the blog. R is ex bf

Hahaha…. Mr. Y is Mr. HRS. And take it from me, he is gonna fail in his career as long as he is working in a company which has got any other employee other than him. And I take a wild guess about Mr. X, is it R?? He’s a nice guy and damn influencive also. The point is that he works for whatever he is passionate about. And if he lands up in a job of his interest, I’m sure he will go places !! What say ??


HRS and R are batchmates. We all thought one of these guys was posting comments. Mostly likely HRS because he is PR to the hilt even in real life. So is R, waise. But considering this guy was praising R, it’s probably HRS

Its me again….!! H and T….?? Even H got pissed of, eh?? T, I thought all your Tomboys’ gang hate him after that A episode. Good to know that he’s still ready to help you.


H and T were friends and we are still in touch. T and A dated for a while and then broke off but he and I stayed friends.

Itz Me again πŸ˜€ This time, I’ve no complaints, no sarcasm, nothing ! Cause, its a superb post !! If at all something was missing, A has made it up. (Gurupanguji also contributed, but not as good as your post and A’s) Anyway, for the first time I’d a feeling that you’ve got some brains πŸ˜€ Impressive !!


I have no idea what he is talking about

“Ms. B, she (U) is a part of my life ! You’ve no right to say what should I do with her !!” Hahaha… I’m enjoying this one way communication. When the other person is not saying anything, or rather CANNOT say anything, it is more interesting. Now, by any chance, if you dont remember who does those words belong to, then it came from Mr. H – your current heart throb and incidently who is actually your friend’s (Or ex-friend??) boy friend. Girl, why dont you leave them alone? After all, they were together right from the beginning and you’re trying to snatch him away. I pity you the great b ! While in Chennai he was the only one with you does not necessarily mean that he is in love with you stupid girl (or boy?) All you ‘tomboys’ ‘say’ that you can very well live without any male companions and dont mind being lesbians for the heck of it (Its heard that Prof. S was damn impressed about your article, last year). Still, when you realize that the boys are NOT interested in you and they’re interested in actual ‘girls’, you get pissed off. Then you ‘tomboys’ start to call real ‘girls’ bitches !! Just wonder WHY ??!! Remember P calling P a ‘bitch’?? Incidently, the same word you used to refer to U when H said that he is there in KMC Greens with U and he cannot give you ‘the CD’ for that SCM assignment. What’s your problem in life? Your father raped you or what? And what is your fetish for ‘walking out’ all about?? You walked off Episode, you walked off AAF and yet again you threatened to walk off from ‘SCM assignment’?? Who the fuck cares b?? Do you think you’re so damn inevitable in any of our lives?? You’re nothing girl, just a BIG ZERO !! You think you’re vital in others’ life and when they make you realize that you meant nothing in their life, you start to blame them !! Remember R? Remember G groping you from Thaloor’s to the End Point and walking off?? Remember Y?? And now the next one in line is H !! What all you can do is this, start wearing more of your body clad t-shirts showing your drooped boobs and the thin bra covering them, and that enlarged pot belly and navel dip, and that sexy ass and the elastics keeping them up. Then start rubbing against all the males you come across. Then dream that you’re the heroine of one of your ‘Sex and the City’ episodes. Or you can join your roomie for an orgy, anyway she is carrying that bite mark on her right cheek, thanks to Mr. G. You can join them along with N and CP’s daughter and do whatever you want. In simple terms, start bitching around you bitch !! Then you’ll get some identity, because… then you will become what you are – a bitch !! Any reply?? Hahahahhhaaaaaaaa……!!



Sigh… Apparently, I was in love with H… slept with R, G, Y and all the other alphabets. It’s amazing how people can think. And you think I am mean. I would shudder to talk/think about anyone like this. The worst part is my friends got dragged into all this muck. Oh, well.

The real truth is I was flirting with F- a senior when in Chennai but nobody knows that πŸ™‚

I had written a paper on homosexuals and people were shocked. I guess the professor too. Using words like fuck, sex, gays, lesbians etc etc was taboo at this institution

Hehehe…. Nobody noticed you deleting the comments….. And absolutely none noticed you editing your posts…. A ‘girl’ is what a ‘girl’ does…. Ok Ms. B (NOT Mr.) :-p Drop some hints about X ‘n Y B, tell me how far I was right?? Also start a poll about your roomie bitching around with two boys at a time, what say?? Dunno if it sounds good or bad to you, T and S is said to be on the verge of a break up. And it was S who found this time that their relation cannot be worked out. Mr. T on the receiving end, for a change πŸ˜€ How about your intimate moments with T which started in Taloors and ended at End Point?? Does it still remains your only ‘fun’ moments in Manipal? Or your ‘girlfriend’s’ (U’s) boy friend and your ’emotional care taker’ Mr. T also gave you some??


T and S are happily married and recently had a baby. H was a platonic friend and is happily married.

These comments were posted over a period of 20 days. If only the poor guy could turn back time and un-waste all this time because nobody fucking cares.

Now you know why I dislike people, in general? I have come across the worst of the worst.





9 thoughts on “The LOLest kind of trolling

  1. Wow! It is amazing how people can be so demeaning and crude to other people and actually enjoy putting others down. I am glad you don’t let these people affect you anymore because at the end of the day they don’t matter. And this person who keeps enjoying his/her one way communication with you…well let’s just say he/she needs more excitement in his/her life. Or maybe you add that lack of excitement in their life by being you and writing your blogs as you see the world! Either way you are blessed to be able to ignore the fool and continue with your life.

  2. This is crazy shit. I really pity this chap because he has nothing going on in his life.
    Hats off to you for ignoring all this.

    • Lol… If I had time to blog, why can’t this dude have the time to troll? I had forgotten all about these comments till I saw recent nasty comments on the blog… had to log into a forgotten email account and did them out

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