The light in the darkness

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The entire week has been very, very hectic and horrible. I had work which lasted till late… then maybe the gym… the rehearsal… and then coming back to a tension filled home. Everything added to the stress… I have not eaten or slept properly in days. This has never happened to me… nothing makes me lose my appetite but thats fodder for another post.
This post is about the good thing that happened… the Summer Workshop. I was very, very excited. On Thursday we had a rehearsal and it was good. On Sunday I left early for the workshop, reached an hour early and decided to watch the earlier show to kill time. Thankfully, I had a pass and entry was easy peasy. I managed to catch the last half hour of the show and was zapped. There was a hip hop routine by the Delhi and Mumbai senior students and it was so so so so fabulous. The energy was leaping off the stage. It felt like I was watching ‘So you think you can dance’… and since I am a regular viewer of the show, I know what I am talking about.
All of us were super duper excited for the show. In the winter, the show was in SiriFort where all the batches were separated and made to sit in different rooms above the auditorium… it was quite boring. Talkatora stadium is much better… we were sitting in front of the audience. There was a huge barrier or backdrop between the audience and us. If we moved to the extreme left, we could actually catch glimpses of the dance. During the final rehearsal I messed up a step or two and wanted to hit myself. After weeks of practicing, I should have had it right by now. I wished there had been time/privacy to practice at home. I was determined to get it right and perfect in the show. I kept revising the steps in my mind.
Another good thing about the workshop is the opportunity to make friends/acquaintances. During regular class, there is no time to interact with others unless someone already knows them beforehand. Most of my batch mates are in school… there are 4-5 of us who are above 25. I got to know 2-3 people a little… we even exchanged nos and helped each other with food, clothes and safety pins.
This time, the workshop was different. There were students from Mumbai who joined Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon batches. There were professional level performances between our amateur performances. The whole program was divided into themes- street dance, modern, contemporary, ballet, Jazz and musical. I loved it. I don’t know about the audience… maybe most of them just wanted to watch their kids perform and had no interest in the rest. I loved watching the professional performances… imagine watching something on TV and then seeing something better in front of you. It also showed us that the sky is the limit…. whether we choose to reach out or not is upto us.
Coming to my performance, I did not mess up even once and wanted to scream once we were done. I was huffing and puffing once off the stage. I wondered how did the seniors perform 4-5 pieces.

And also for the first time, I drove alone at night from Delhi to Gurgaon. I generally drag KC along incase I have to go somewhere late and he obliges. I will not be taking such a risk regularly but am a little more confident. Yes- Delhi is unsafe but that should not and does not stop women from venturing out late at night.

3 thoughts on “The light in the darkness

  1. Wow.. some pics of the performance please!! or better still a video!
    I remember performing at the Talkatora stadium. the adraneline is insane!
    So happy for you that you did so well.

  2. @ Anita: Unfortunately, we did not click pics ‘coz we did not like our costumes… blue tracks, florescent orange tops with one shoulder straps and white spaghetti… Our dress was the worst…. I am waiting for the videos… will put it up as soon as I get one

    @ RT: Yep, it did

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