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This book is a brief biography of the Kapoor family. I prefer biographies to autobiographies. I doubt if anyone will put the unvarnished truth about their life in a book for everyone to read.
The book is good and does justice to the Kapoor family… it is unbiased mixing the good with the bad.
I got to know a lot of new things:

  • Raj Kapoor had an affair with Nargis even though he was married. She left him and married Sunil Dutt secretly ‘coz she felt side tracked in his films and his life.
  • All Kapoors have a drinking problem
  • Neetu Singh worked in films since the age of three. She was probably given drugs by her mother to make her mature faster (just like it was done to Hansika Motwani)
  • When Rishi Kapoor’s career started its descent he would get drunk and beat up Neetu Singh. She turned to her mother-in-law for help who turned a blind eye. She had even approached the cops.
  • Babita and Randhir Kapoor are separated but not divorced.
  • All Kapoor men except Shashi Kapoor are famous for having extra-marital affairs

These people are beautiful, rich, famous. It is un-nerving to read that they are no different from common people… they go through the same… maybe even worse.
Worth a read!!!

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