The golden age of Indi Pop

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There was a time in the 90s (I think) when pop stars sprung up everywhere… Shaan, anaida, alisha, baba sehgal, the models, shweta shetty, mehnaaz, suchitra krishnamurthy, raageshwari etc. The songs were damn good.

I don’t know why things went downhill after that. The pop industry has never recovered.
I must just refreshing my memory on youtube with the songs:
  • Oova oova by anaida… atul agnihotri looks hot in this one
  • Hoo halla hoo by anaida… very hummable
  • Boom boom by nazia hassan (and biddu)…. damn good
  • Dole dole by Suchitra… reminds me of crushes I had as a teenager… oh the obsession, desperation, emotional atyachaar…. sweet torture
  • Disco deewane by Saagarika (shaan’s sis)… it is a remix… video is not too great
  • Something about the way you smile… by colonial cousins… amazing…
  • Pari hoon main by Suneetha Rao… WOW.. love the video
  • Duniya by raageshwari… love her white shorts
  • O o jaane jaana by kamaal khan.. dungarees, really?
  • Aaja nachle by bally sagoo… love the video… meghna reddy is hot

To be continued… if I don’t sleep now… KC will have to walk home at 6 am

4 thoughts on “The golden age of Indi Pop

  1. Howard Hughes:
    My favourites
    Dil kya kare jab kisiko (shaan)
    Ho gayee hai mohobbat (Aslam)
    Purani jeans,
    Tu, (sonu nigam, for once Bipasha looks fantastic)
    Do you remember any old ones???
    Stylebhai, Calcutta (Bombay Dr), Chokra,

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