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Surprisingly, it was a good trip. We reached Goa at 6 am on Thursday and checked into Hotel Mandovi at Panjim. The hotel is not too great but located across the river. Day 1 was spent in meeting and working on presentation. We had lunch in the hotel which included a range of non-veg- chicken, fish, pork etc. The time after lunch was torture… I had a headache and wanted to sleep but there was the damn ppt to work on. At around 6 pm the meeting ended. The plan was to go to Brittos at Baga beach for dinner and drinks. We headed to St Anthony beach shack instead since they have karaoke and seating on the beach. It is a good place but I did not drink. I was exhausted and knew liquor wouldnt agree with me.

Day 2 was similar except we left early for the same beach shack. I managed to get some shopping done. Everyone was making plans for day 3 which was free. I knew nobody would wake up before 9 am and that also ‘coz b’fast is served till 10 am only.
On day 3 we drove on Activa to Anjuna beach. There were mostly foreigners there and we had a good time. In the evening we got on the train and it is back to the pavilion.
Some thoughts:
  • I have done the whole resort thingy at Goa… stay in a good resort, go sight seeing, rent bikes, enjoy at the private beach but never done the partying at the beach shacks and road shopping. Enjoyed it a lot and want to go there once again. Maybe, next month?
  • Drinking is not my thing anymore. Don’t know why
  • On the way back there was a family on the train- husband, wife, 2 kids. I groaned on the inside. Kids around means constant noise and chatter. The wife started feeding the younger kid Maggi from a tiffin and I was shocked. The kid could barely talk and instead of being fed something nutritional she was eating Maggi. I know kids love it… but it is not healthy and the later they start on junk the better it is. Anyway, the husband was completely useless. He didn’t help her anything. Even when we had to get off the train..he picked up 2 bags and stood by the door. The wife removed other 2 bags, woke the elder kid, made him wear shoes and sent him to the husband, took the younger kid in her lap and with a last look left. What an ass of a husband who thinks he is a guest in his own family
  • Why is Uncle Chips not available in Mumbai?

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  1. i m happier – company for non(less) drinks! 😉
    I had uncle chips recently (improved from 10-12 years ago when i last had them) – see anthr reason to be in bng 🙂

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