The Girl with the dragon tattoo

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I just read this book. There has been a lot of hype around it what with a movie based on it starring Daniel Craig. The book is good. It is a usual thriller with unusual characters. It is a regular suspense cum thriller book. I have not read one in ages and it was a welcome change.
I then downloaded the movie and watched it on the same day. KC was going to come home late and I decided to watch it without any distractions around.
The movie is a page by page copy of the book except for some incidents which have been changed. They are insignificant changes. I did not like the movie. It is a copy of the book without adding anything new. Also, many things have been lost in translation. I don’t think the female herione’s character comes out too well. But that will always be a limitation of movies vs books.
I have picked up 2nd part of the book and am crawling through it like a tortoise. Need to find sometime to read. Need to travel on the metro.

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