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First, let me just say how awesome the The Ghanta Awards were last night. They are India’s version of ‘Razzies’ awards in Hollywood. The group- East India Comedy which has

– Sourabh Pant- funny in videos, good columns, funny in a scripted show but I didn’t like his stand up when I watched it at Manhattan

– Sahil Shah – My absolute favourite. The silliest, funniest, most obnoxious stand up comedian there is. AND he wears bow ties. A guy with a sense of style. I like it

– Sapan Verma – Very pricey on twitter but stand up is pretty good

– Kunal Rao – Don’t know much about him but was funny last night

give awards to the worst of Bollywood- worst director/actor/actress/supporting actor/ess/brand endorsement/miscasting etc.

I think the Ghanta Awards started last year or was it 2 years back. I have watched their videos on youtube. The show last night was the nomination show and now we get to vote online for the worst awards. The final show is in Mumbai on 8th March which is attended by celebrities like Ritesh Deshmukh, Arshad Warsi, Maria Goretti etc etc. Like, last year or was it year before, Ritesh actually went up on stage to collect his award. Which is so cool.

So, last night was soooo funny. It’s the funniest show I have seen till date. We didn’t stop laughing for a minute and there wasn’t one moment where we said ‘That wasn’t so funny’.

And then someone trolled Sourabh Pant which basically means interrupted him by saying nasty stuff. Sourabh gave it back to him … good… over and over again.

*rant starts*

This always happens to me at Epicentre. I spend an hour picking out the correct seat and then someone will want to swap. So, last night a PYT (pretty young thing) with a Gucci (of course!!!) bag comes to the show once it has started and proceeds to request me to shift to seats far away because her friends want to sit with her. I give her a freezing look and tell her; ‘No. The show has started’. What is wrong with people? Is coming on time such an inconvenience? This is despite the show starting late because everyone had not yet come. I booked the tickets on the day the booking opened and spent an hour picking the perfect seats. And when there was an error in payment, I called bookmyshow, blasted them and got them to book those exact seats. Duh!!! While all you did was book at the last minute hoping someone will be stupid enough to swap.

*rant ends*

People… please watch the Ghanta Awards. Do not miss it.

Also it’s nice to know that despite what happened at the AIB roast, the stand up comedy is the same. No editing out cuss words or jokes on religion or all the non veg jokes or Bollywood jokes or even sexist jokes. And thank god, for that. I think this is the revolution of our times.

This post was supposed to be a brief review about books but I guess I will write another post for that.

After the show, we had dinner where I asked for the menu, proceeded to pick the dessert and decided not to order it. Where do I get the strength and will power for that? Maybe from the 2 ice creams I had earlier that day.

While we were leaving I saw Sourabh Pant walking towards the exit gate. I asked KC to stop the car and asked Sourabh if he needs a lift. As it happens, he was with Sahil, Sapan and friends and their car had a puncture but it was getting fixed. I stopped near the car anyway and asked if they needed help but they were cool.

And then my smart Aleck of a husband asks me – How were YOU planning to help them with a puncture?

Me (dirty look) – I didn’t think THAT far ahead, ok? We would have helped find somebody who can help, you know.




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