The first phase of packing begins

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Yeah… the first phase of packing begins which includes packing books (cartons on left) and not unpacking any new purchases (cartons on right).
The phase 2 will include packing the electronic items… digicams, handycam, loads of CDs, wires, chargers etc etc etc.
Whew!!! Just the thought of packing everything and unpacking it makes me tired. It was much simpler when we moved to Mumbai. I just brought my bag of clothes. We bought the rest slowly and steadily. We didn’t have any furniture for 6 months and slept on mattresses.
  • I woke up at 5 am with Justin Beiber singing in my head on Sunday. But I found something to help me sleep
  • It is a very hectic week… month beginning always is and I already need a break
  • I broke my resolution of not buying any more footwear. I came across shoes from Enroute for Rs 999 in sale… MRP is Rs 2499 and latched onto them. I have purchased a pair of the same brand earlier and right now they are my favourite. I am tempted to visit Shoppers Stop again and find more deals
  • I have just started experimenting with make up and it is so much fun. It helps that I work for a company which markets make up brands. I finally succumbed. In college, the only make up we applied was the eye liner and lipstick… never wore it to classes though. Foundation and masacara was beyond reach.
Thats all from me. Yawn… I will get back to Gossip Girl season 2… my latest obsession.
Btw… The new look rocks.

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