The fault in my genes

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My parents came over for the weekend for the first time in 10+ years. My objective for their trip was for KC to understand the source of my weirdness. I can now shrug and say “The fault in my genes”. I am sure he is glad am a toned down version of their quirkiness.


  • I realised WA groups are a big part of the lives of senior citizens. My parents are part of many, many groups and receive forwards all day. They read each forward and pass it forward. They may even call someone to laugh over some forward. That is how they kill time when alone at home. It is a good replacement for kids who have moved out and don’t have time to even speak to them everyday.
  • They had to leave for the airport at 5.30 am but dad was already dressed by 5 am. Then he nagged me about calling the Uber guy and reaching on time. I kept my fingers crossed hoping the driver wouldn’t ditch. Do you know what is worse than a spouse who nags you at 5.30 am? Parents who nag at 5.30 am. Way, way worse.
  • On Sunday I took them for breakfast to IHOP. They love IHOP in New York, where my sister lives, and were very excited about trying out the Gurgaon outlet. The plan was to have breakfast at 8 am so I woke up at 7 am, brushed my teeth, changed into comfortable clothes and headed for the door. Dad was horrified that I was leaving the house without a bath. What kind of a person does that!!!
  • Indian mothers have a special affinity to washed clothes. I got tips on drying clothes correctly. My MIL is more passive aggressive. She changes the drying position of every clothing item on the rack once I leave home.
  • Mom also wanted to re-arrange the entire kitchen and keep things in their proper place. I made sure they spent all day outdoors and were too tired once back for such sheninangans.
  • My dad, brother and I are the introverts of the family while my mother and sister are the extroverts. If you think the 3:2 ratio works, you are an extrovert because you have no idea how difficult life as an introvert is.

All in all, like a friend said to me… small things give a fresh start.

And yet, does it matter if you get what you wanted when you stopped wanting it and could live without it?

What is the point of dreams getting fulfilled when they stopped meaning anything?

I only have questions, never the answers.

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