The day does not end here

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Most days I wake up thinking… I have to work today… return at night… cook… eat dinner… chat online… read and then sleep.

And then there are days like these:
  • The maid takes an off on Monday… and does not turn up on Tuesday. I have to leave early so there is no time to call a substitute. The kitchen is a mess. I cannot even enter it. I am keeping my fingers crossed for tom…. will kick out the current maid and employ a new one
  • I enter the bedroom… switch on the fan and lights and scream. A pigeon had entered… and shit all over the bedsheet, blanket, pillow covers. I had to wash all of them… and change another bedsheet. It took me 15 mins to shoo away the pigeon
Days like these should not come back.

3 thoughts on “The day does not end here

  1. ‘Shoo’ you say… no no no noooo noo noo no no nn nn no no. You should have meditated, and earnestly requested the pigeon to re-think its actions. Violance is for the weaker souls! You need to rise above the galmorous symbolisms of nocturnal comforts, and convince yourself to willing coexist with lesser avial life forms.

  2. So u have switched sides 😉 (on d design)…
    well i am glad i dint call u back yesterday!! 🙂 cudnt have got ur attention with all the cleaning 😛

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