The curious case of Benjamin Button

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The school reunion was mostly a flop… but Betty was keen on meeting me and so was I. Anyway… like all females she was late… but kind enough to inform me every hour about the status of the delay (Guys.. my sympathies… now I know what it feels like to wait)… I just realized most of my females friends are quite unpunctual.

While waiting I decided to catch an English movie… and bought tickets for this one since it is Oscar winning (it is… isn’t it?). Yes.. yes… I watched it alone… don’t be surprised… when you are in sales… you learn to do thigs alone… watch movies, have meals, talk on the phone, drink, shop, sleep… sab kuch akele. Hota hai… you may want to live life on your terms… but aisa hamesha hota nahi.

What is with Oscar movies? Are they competing on being dull, boring and sentimental? Seriously!!! RT was right…
The movie is interesting at first… Benjamin (Bradd Pitt) has a peculiar condition.. he was born 80 yrs old… as he grows older in age he becomes younger in physique. Daisy (Cate) is his love interest. What is with this female? She is so ugly… I mean… she is an actress… she has access to all the beauty treatments in the world? Why does she try to look so ugly? Straight hair do not suit her… and she is so damn fair.
The movie is ok ok… too long (2.5 hrs)… once the novelty of script wears off it gets boring…
Watch it once ‘coz it won an Oscar… else avoid.

Coming to my day… Betty and I (or should it be me) were not friends in school… she was my bed-side partner (NOT bed partner) in the boarding in 10th. So we did talk but never as friends. In final year MBA we got in touch since she was in B’glore and I was in Manipal (the one in Karnataka… not Sikkim). During my NGO project with NAMI (Nodal Association for Mental Illness) I stayed with her. She lived in a cute sa 1-BHK builder floor (tenants usually create flat like rooms on their terrace and give them on rent). Life was good for 10 days… we bonded, watched movies at night, went shopping on weekends… when I came home early I cooked dinner for her… it was nice. Strange… ‘coz we never bonded like this in school where we did have ample opportunity.
I met her again with Sam almost 2 yrs back in B’glore again… but then we lost touch… thanks to Facebook we met up again. She quit her job last year and has been trying her hand at media… she is creative and was into theatre also. Thats what I call guts.
Hope our plan for a girls night-in works out this weekend.

Chalo… It is Monday tom… I hate Mondays… and I hate reporting to office at 8.45 am… sigh… it means I have to wake up at 7 am… get dressed by 8 am… have b’fast in the auto on the way to office… and reach office by 8.45 am. Isko bolte hai ‘Time Management’.

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