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The Carrie Diaries is an effort by Candace Bushnell to write about Carrie’s life before the show… before she moved to NYC (in part 1) and before she become the columnist (in part 2). I think I have blogged about the first book.
Anyway, in book 2 Carrie becomes friends with Samantha and Miranda. She has an affair with a much older playwright and spends most of her time wondering if she is talented enough. She does not write much but wants to make it big as a writer in NYC. The whole thing sounds extremely fake and not connected with the show at all.
Samantha is engaged to a multi millionaire for the money. That is so not like Samantha at all… Miranda does not like to have sex and hates men. Its as if Candace has gone bonkers and forgotten what her characters are all about… something like what she did in the 2nd part of the movie. Why can’t writers realize that it is ok to end things? J K Rowling is smarter… she knows that the obsession will not end just ‘coz the story has. We all crave for a happy ending… why ruin it by half baked attempts?
Friends is the biggest example… at the end of the seasons… the jokes were less funny… the actors less good looking… they ended the show. But it lives one… re runs are played over and over and over again.
Candance needs to drop it and not go further… or backwards. She is ruining it.

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