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On Holi I had been looking for things to do and came across The Bohri Thaal on bookmyshow. For Rs 1500, you get to eat an authentic home cooked meal. It sounded fantastic. I was surprised the Kapadias were hosting a meal on Holi. I booked tickets for KC and myself a day prior. Of course, we were the only ones who didn’t have plans on Holi and the meal was cancelled. Nafisa (junior) was kind enough to contact BMS and initiate the refund.

This weekend I spotted their event on, booked the ticket and promptly mailed Nafisa inquiring if they had enough people for the meal. She assured me that the lunch was on. Whew!!!

Mrs Kapadia’s son Munaf wanted to keep his mother busy and away from the television and he invited 30 people for a traditional Bohri meal at home but at a cost. 10 people turned up and that’s how the Bohri Thaal started. Now they cater at events, deliver food across the city and have pop ups at restaurants like the one at Kaitlyn’s in Bandra on 31st March. They catered at Hrithik Roshan’s birthday where guests shared food from 2-3 thaals.

I received the address and the menu yesterday on WA. The meal would start promptly at 1 pm and I was to wear expandable pants. I arrived at 12.30 pm in a leafy part of Colaba, climbed 2 flights of wooden stairs and was welcomed into a large, airy, well ventilated house by Nafisa (Jr). I met Munaf and the other guests started arriving soon.

There was a family from SoBo (not very different from South Delhites) who now lived in Bandra and their friends, a young couple, another couple with a kid and a bunch of colleagues from Nashik, two of who are firangs.

I was offered a welcome drink which was coconut water churned with malai. It was simply brilliant and am going to make it at home soon.

Every course would start with Munaf briefing us about it and then us digging in. A big Thaal with different chutneys was placed in the centre of the room. Traditionally, people eat from the same thaal. At weddings, you may end up sharing food with absolute strangers.

The thaal had boondi pineapple raita (yummy. Must try this), dates chutney, bhavnagari stuffed mirchi etc.

The first course were the smoked mutton kheema samosas. They are supposed to be very famous in Mumbai.

For the vegetarians there were hara bhara kebabs and corn cheese kebabs. This was a departure from the norm since it’s a purely non vegetarian meal.

The meal is a mix of kharas (starters), meetha (sweet) and jaman (main course). Malai khaja were served as a palate cleanser and that is what am going to call my dessert next time.

Next came the hero of the evening. A rann in red masala marinated in spices for 2 days and cooked for 3-4 hours. The meat was so soft it was falling off the bone. It was sprinkled with salli. My favourite dish of the day. I sucked at the bone like I’ve never sucked a dick

The dirty jokes are necessary for the hits

This was served with rose sherbet with sabja seeds.

Next was beetroot halwa as the “palate cleanser” before the main course.

And then, after an hour of eating we embarked on the main course – chicken angara with rotis and mutton kaari (has coconut milk and tamarind) with jeera rice.

I didn’t think I could eat any more at this stage. The buttons on my loose shorts were threatening to pop, the afternoon breeze was making me sleepy but out came the sanchi/hand churned ice cream with mangoes and magai Jodi paan. My stomach expanded and I had 2 servings of the ice cream.

Absolutely love this new concept of eating regional home cooked food in someone’s house. So much better than eating at a restaurant. While there is lots of diversity in food in Mumbai, Gurgaon/Delhi food has a dearth of regional food. Like, Malvani, Parsi, Gujarati, South Indian food is very accessible in Mumbai; one needs to search for Bihari, Rajasthani food in Delhi. And I prefer Indian food over non Indian food any day.

If you are in Mumbai, you must try this place. They will even bring the experience to your home for a group of 10+ people.

(This is not a sponsored post).

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