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Yesterday was my best run… ever. I want to slap myself for not having thought about it earlier. Last Sunday while driving down MG (Mehrauli Gurgaon) road at 6 am for Devil’s Circuit I noticed many cyclists on the route. Wow!!! Why had I not thought of running on this route. After all, I know the road like the back of my hand. KC suggested I run till Qutub Minar metro station and then take a metro back home. It sounded like a brilliant idea. I carry a pouch which holds a water bottle and my phone anyway. I just need to carry cash and metro card along.

I didn’t sleep much on Saturday night… not in the… restless kind of way but more like… am too excited kind of way. At the back of my mind were worries- what if someone just pushes me into their car that early in the morning? or what if drunk people coming from a farmhouse party run me over?

But.. a well lived life is about taking risks. Only when you take a risk you can push boundaries. And even if you fail… atleast you have tested your limits.

At 6 am the sun was not up. It is slightly chilly in the mornings and late evenings signifying the dawn of winter. At 6.15 am there was enough light for me to start the run. My biggest concern was the road connecting my house to the MG road… there are no pedestrians since it connects Gurgaon to Faridabad and MG road to Golf Course Road. Thankfully, there was nothing to worry… when I hit the MG road, each metro station was a benchmark. The stations are 2 km apart making it the perfect reference for time and pace. The goal of the run was to complete 15 km which I expected would be at Qutub Minar metro and enjoy myself. The high of running is not just about pushing boundaries in terms of pace/distance but mainly about discovering new routes and exploring the city. I crossed… Arjan garh, Ghitorni, Sultanpur, Chattarpur and was bummed to realize Qutub Minar is at 11 km. Now what? Where do I run another 4 km? I decided to head towards Select City Walk Mall, Saket since that is the route I know best. I reached 15 km before Malviya Nagar… just ahead of Qutub Golf Course and was happy to see a nice park. It is Rai Pithora Conservation Complex, has a very big statue of Prithviraj Chauhan and a nice small park around it. I finished my stretching there, had the sweetest coconut and malai outside, took an auto to the metro and headed home. On the way I came across a few cyclists and runners. I guess ADHM practice is in full swing now.

Running gives a high… it could be at the start… in the middle or at the end. There is a release of endorphin which make you happy… high… increase your sexual appetite… increase your optimism. There is nothing like it. In the gym, muscles take months to build and the results are noticeable a few months later while running has immediate benefits.

What a wonderful Sunday. I am glad I live in Delhi NCR because something like this can only happen here. There is history tucked away in every corner of Delhi… there are monuments on every road… and it is safe… atleast at 6 am.

Also Delhi has parks in every complex. I have rarely come across an area without a park. The green cover is probably the highest among metros making it very good for outdoor activities. And autumn/winter is the perfect season for exploring the city. Lodi Gardens has the highest visitors on 26th Jan. It is a Punjabi/Delhite tradition to have a family picnic on Republic Day. And the picnic includes drinks… yep, on a dry day. I have seen it myself.

Plan for 2nd Nov – Home to Select City walk Mall, Saket- 18 km run followed by super awesome b’fast. What better landmark than the greatest mall for a shopaholic? And that will be my longest run before ADHM. Like the Reebok Running Squad guy suggested- let the exhilaration of 21 km be tasted only during ADHM. The finish line will be sweeter.

Now, I just need to search for b’fast places in Saket which will be open at 9 am.

Plan for 8th Nov- Run at Lodhi Gardens. There is a 2 km jogging track but I may just jog on the grass. This super awesome run will be followed by b’fast at India Habitat Center or Khan Market.. probably the latter because I want to try out a new place.

Sigh!!! How will I ever go back to running in Gurgaon after this?

On a personal front, am just taking a step back from things. I don’t like being diplomatic and am more of a straight forward to honest person but when

– people are not the same as me and prefer diplomacy to honesty


– people do not understand or even try to understand my point of view

the only solution is to take a step back… breathe deeply… and let it go.

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