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An acquaintance’s comment on instagram last night has inspired this post. I am not going to put the comment here because am not sure she would be ok with it.

This is me- 8 years back. In 2008. I had spent 1 year in my job after which I was located in the HO. My job involved spending lots and lots of time sitting on a chair. My breakfast was Maggi and packaged fruit juice (I’d rather starve to death than eat that now). Lunch was whatever was served in office. I did some physical activity- Jazz class for an hour every Sunday. When I moved to sales, I thought the weight would come off because of a hectic lifestyle and travelling. It didn’t.


On this Corbett trip, my friends cum colleagues D and A, had an awesome time pulling my leg about my weight. Nobody has ever made fun of me like that. That is when I realised there is a problem. This is where the journey started. It has been 8 years of starting, stopping, not being consistent, struggling and worse, not being comfortable in my body. And yes, lots and lots of failures.


That is 6 years back. The lessons learned had been forgotten and I had fallen off the bandwagon. After seeing the pictures (don’t let anyone stop you from clicking pics. Whatever helps you, whatever motivates you), I tried again. I started working out at home and running around the block. Small changes in food.


4 years back. Better but far from healthy. This is where I started getting serious. I started lifting weights. I started running outdoors. It has always been 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. Sometimes I have come home and cried because it has been so damn frustrating. I have paid for gyms and diets and nothing seemed to get me the results I see on instagram. 10 kgs in 1 year? Yeah, right!!!

I have been become fitter but I still wasn’t happy with my body. Isn’t that what it is about? Being happy in your skin – thin or fat, tall or short. Something inside me snapped 2 months back. I was tired but I couldn’t give up. It takes a lot for me to give up.

This is me now. What changed? I changed my mind. Everyday I asked myself what choices I would make if I had abs (where I want to get eventually). Would I eat Maggi? Would I miss the gym? Would I have late night dinner? Would I eat that dessert? I wouldn’t. I live my life like I would once I reach my goals. Things aren’t that difficult since then.


I have lots of help on my journey- gym trainers who are always available for advice and support, gym friends (I know 1 person’s name, still got to find out the other person’s name), running friends and all the other people I know who have started taking fitness seriously. A hubby who has never said “Miss the gym today na”.

And yes, staying away from people who don’t take their body seriously has helped too. We can be friends but if it ever affects my food and gym, I drop you like a hot potato.


I am happy where am right now but there is a long way to go.


  • The most immediate goal is to wear a bikini in June. And I want to be in the best shape of my life for it. You bet, am going to flaunt my body in a bikini. Why shouldn’t I? The trip has been booked and even though it isn’t a beach destination, there is a cruise we will be taking because I want to wear the bikini.
  • I want abs. This may take years but I have all the time in the world.
  • I want to get a Reebok certification for fitness trainers. I am still figuring out how to go about this. This is a long term plan.
  • I want to get professionally trained in TRX. This may mean going to the USA for the course but am going to do it. Another long term goal.

The point is…. everyone needs to start. Till you don’t start, you won’t get anywhere. Just start. Today. Now. Call me anytime for advice and help.

Ciao. I have to get dressed and rush to my favourite place on weekends- Indian Mountaineering Foundation. I hope to reach early today and avoid the crowds.





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