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I have been waiting for Sat… don’t ask ‘Why’.. (It is not our job to ask ‘Why’, it is our job to do and die). Yoohoo!!! I like Sat and Sunday. I hate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

A lot of people have commented that they prefer my earlier blog. This one is “different”. I agree with them… I prefer the earlier one too. But it is not about the blog… it is about me. I have changed.. for better or for worse. The change is obvious even on chat. Don’t ask me to pin point it… I am still wild, impulsive, restless, bad tempered… and yet something has changed. Maybe I think lesser… maybe I have sobered up… maybe I am not insecure anymore. I don’t know.

What makes memories? Is it the past or is it the people in the past? I was thinking about friends I have… those on my speed dial… those I turn to for fun, comfort, help. Some are my best friends… some I speak to almost daily… some I speak to regularly… some I keep in touch with… some I contact only for help… I don’t know why they mean what they mean to me. For some reason all my friends are from school or B-school or colleagues and none from engg college. Its like 4 yrs of my life have been wiped out. Many times people exclaim; “It is difficult to find friends now… it is never like in school or college”. I disagree… I have made friends in my B-school, in my organization, outside the organization. I make new friends every year, get closer to old friends and sometimes lose the oldest friends. I agree with one thing though… it is more difficult to meet new people.

Anyways… tired now… good night.

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  1. as a people’s person who reaches out to random strangers at the most random of times…

    i do quite agree with ya…and yet i continue to make friends…(i guess living in an overpopulated country has its advantages)

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