Terrible, terrible day

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It has been a terrible day… too many things going wrong. I hate such days. It all started in the morning… I had half a mind to take leave and stay home. But work beckoned. After that, everything went downhill.

Sure, things could have been worse… more things could have gone wrong.
I am looking forward to the Diwali holidays. I wish it was in the beginning of the month rather than the end… work will be on my mind… and that may ruin it all.
There are only 2 months in the year I truly look forward to… Diwali month because of the long holidays… and December since it is year end and thus, pressure is low. This year, both may be ruined.
I will be going home after 2.5 years… I hope I am not saying it too soon. Home was my comfort place… somewhere I went to escape reality, everything going on in life, where I could tune out… recharge and return to battle. I hope it feels the same way this time. I plan to switch off… away from the phone, internet, everything…. just relax, sleep, laze around, cook, get all the recipes I need. Fingers crossed.
If it does not work out (home trip has been cancelled at the last moment 2-3 times already), I just want to stay home… and do nothing. One day in the week is not enough at home… and 5 days would be a luxury.
Fingers crossed….

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