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I was typing a comment on Madmomma’s blog on the Osama death and decided to put it in the post also.

She wanted people’s views on the incident. Here is my reply:
I do not believe it at all… everything sounds fishy:
– Osama conveniently dies when elections are near
– There is no proof- no photos or dead body
– If Islamic tenets mean so much, why was Saddam’s body not buried at sea? Why was his hanging video taped?
– How could USA have enter Pak air space without PAK not realizing it?
– Osama was staying near the army and Pak was clueless?
– There was firing for 40 mins and Pak army was unaware?
– Was Obama tired of waging a war with 2 countries and withdrawing would mean USA is a failure and coward. Was this a clever way of ending the war? I hope so.
Even if pics are released, who knows what Osama looks like now? Wouldn’t a smart man cut his beard and get a makeover after newspapers released his pics?
Sorry, I am not buying it. Will USA use this excuse to start a war with Pakistan? I hope not.
Anyway, coming back to India and specifically to Gurgaon…
Weekend was ok types… I caught up with a friend… caught up with movies… bought a GPS device (Yes… directions from people are completely unreliable)… we drove all the way to CP for a yummy dinner at Kake ka dhaba. Totally worth it and so damn cheap.

6 thoughts on “Tere Bin Laden

  1. The only reason you need to believe that Osama is dead is this:
    If there was even a 1% chance that Osama was alive, can you imagine what would happen if, two months down the line, Osama comes out with another video touting the same? It would
    – make USA the laughing stock of the entire world
    – give jihadists renewed energy and vigor leading them to believe that there is nothing USA can do to them
    – blow up re-election chances of Obama forever.

    All good enough reasons to believe that no US president would ever risk something claiming he is dead unless 100% true

  2. @ Mahesh: Thank you

    @ APC: Wasn’t Bush (THE AMERICAN PRESDIDENT) who declared that Osama was hiding in Afghanistan and started a war? Didn’t the Americans support him… and what came of it?
    Why can’t Obama also lie? A short term gain of today is more important than the long term gain of tomorrow.

  3. I didn’t quite get your point you are not refuting that Osama was in Afghanistan at one point, are you ?

    I am not saying Obama is or is not lying. I am just saying he stands to lose a lot more if proven wrong, than gain a lot if proven right. There was no need for him to announce something as dramatic as this, unless it were true. If you think that something like this will help Obama in his re-election, you are sorely mistaken as this will result in nothing more than short term increased poll ratings (as it has). The US economy is crumbling and unless Obama does something strong and pivotal, he won’t get re-elected -sorry, your assumption that the killing of Osama is pivotal enough to do that, is not reflective of the ground realities here.


  4. @ APC

    I don’t think we are debating if Osama is alive or not. He is dead. The point is whether he was killed in the operation as US has been claiming. The whole story looks like cooked up. There is a possibility that he was already dead and his death was announced at a time, place and in a fashion convenient to US. Or he was bed ridden and not functional and US simply killed him with some drama. It is difficult to believe that US did not try to capture him alive and then kill him like Saddam. So more possibility is that they had captured him few months back, tortured him to get whatever information he has and then killed him by setting up some drama


  5. @ APC: I do not think Osama was in Afghanistan and I think Bush lied about it… thats what American Presidents do…lie to the people. Obama has already gained a lot from this. If Osama is dead, why are the pics not being released? And the video? Why are different details coming out everyday?

    @ Mahesh: I doubt Osama is dead… maybe he is not relevant to Al Qaeda anymore… maybe they have a new leader… But I agree that Osama would have been more useful alive than dead to the USA… even India knows that. We have kept Kasab alive and safe.

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