Tasks accomplished

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Tasks accomplished today:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Parlour visit
  • Gym
  • Cleaning of containers

I cleaned out all the expired food from containers. There was a lot of it- mainly spices. I need to go grocery shopping again tomorrow for the spices. Last week I started lower body workout. One of the gym guys asked me; “Why are you doing only upper body workout and not lower body?”

Me: ‘Coz nobody asked me to
I assumed the guy was an instructor and have approached him 2-3 times for my workout. Today I realized he is probably another guy from the complex who visits the gym. I need to confirm this tomorrow.
I found lower body workout (lbw) quite easy and less strenuous… until the next day. My legs ached for 4 days… I could barely walk and climbing/getting down the stairs was torture. But, I still wore heels (no heels on 31st Dec??? No ways) and drove the car. After 1 day KC stopped believing me. I was in pain for 4 days and pretended to be on the 5th day… to harass KC. Thankfully, KC’s friends who are regular gymmers were sympathetic.
Today was day 2 of lbw. After 40 mins of work out I was done but decided to stick around 15 more mins. I will probably pay for the over enthusiasm tomorrow.
Last week when KC was here I managed to cook a lot. The food was better than my cook’s… alu onion paratha, dosa- I have never cooked such amazing dosas, red thai curry- which KC did not even taste, chapattis, tomato onion soup etc. I will experiment more now that the microwave is here.
The plan is to watch ‘No one killed Jessica’ tomorrow… wanted to go tonight but then there will be nothing to do tom.
Btw… sale in Zara at Phoenix… I wish it is atleast 70% off or better still the clothes are given free. I could kill for them. The clothes and fabric is out of this world. I will have a peek on Monday at Phoenix Mills. Zara is far better than Mango.
Chalo… good night. Here is to a peaceful Sunday.

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  1. Yesterday I shopped from MANGO, bought a LBD, an exquisite looking tshirt and a belt. It was sooo cheap. But I agree that Zara has a better collection of clothes. Mango was very very disappointing otherwise. I usually shop for party dresses at Mango. I feel they are subtle n elegant but at the same time make a statement. Not so in the sale though. I am waiting for Zara to drop even further.
    Like Gandhiji said, “There is enough for every man’s need , but never enough for a single man’s greed.
    Since we are women , we are exempted:-)

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