Tarot- works or not?

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Don’t be surprised by the title. Khushi just read my tarot.

2 weeks back Khushi and I went to Crossword. She picked up a Tarot packet which had tarot cards, a book and a CD. It was expensive and she was worried her Mom wouldn’t approve. Her Mom’s response was that she should use the cards and not let them gather dust. She started reading the book and realized it is more than a game… much more. You cannot just start reading the cards… you need to acquire the necessary knowledge… preparations have to be made, prayers said etc etc.

I was unable to speak to her for 2 weeks but she sent the message that tarot reading was going well. She had read it for her parents and colleagues and they went back believers… her predictions have also come true.

I asked her to read my cards. I won’t reveal what she said but it made sense. It was easier for her to interpret ‘coz she knows me and whats happening in my life.

According to tarot, every person has a guiding spirit… probably we call it instinct… which guides us through our lives.
Khushi sat in her usual place (if she sits somewhere else she cannot get it right), cleaned the table, spread a green cloth, placed a dhoop/candle, a glass pyramid to keep bad spirts away which may interfere with the cards. The cards are wrapped in a silk cloth and Khushi prayed to them before starting off. She laid out the cards… she can read the past, present, short term future and long term future. The past and present was bang on… even the people featured in them were correct. Lets see about the future. You can ask her specific questions and she will provide answers.
The shocking part is she cannot remember her interpretations once she puts away her cards… she loves to gossip which makes this part very very surprising.

I don’t know whether to believe it or not… but I do realize that I have never thought seriously about the supernatural… since my parents and their parents believe in this stuff has been reason enough for me to shirk it. There are a lot of coincidences happening regularly which show that there is a power somewhere. What it is and where it is…. is something I cannot answer.

I do know why old people turn towards spirituality… how long can we feel responsible for our actions especially when the outcome does not seem like a result of those actions? It is so much easier to turn to something else… to give up the responsibility… to have something to blame for the way life turns out… and it gives peace of mind.

I am scared to believe in the supernatural ‘coz I don’t want to know that I am not responsible for my life… I don’t want to know that I may make efforts, plan and it may all come to naught ‘coz of some power… I don’t want to know I am helpless…. I don’t want to know that my life is not in my control.

Anyway… if any of you want to get a tarot reading done by Khushi… contact me. It is fun… and you can find out for yourself if this works.

Btw… Khushi is convent educated with a MBA in HR…

5 thoughts on “Tarot- works or not?

  1. @buls: ya there is a power somewhere… me waiting for that power to perform the act of magic in next five days. The countdown is on.
    @khushi: (if u happen to read this) well looks like wormie has done enough of campaigning for u… how about professional (this word means services are not free) tarot reading?

  2. Countdown for what??? Glassfull?
    Khushi will not be doing professional reading… she is still learning… it will take her a coupl of years to charge for the service… 🙂

  3. Me knows another MBA in HR who is into serious Tarot card reading… but I dont really believe in it.. and I feel that sometimes (especially with the future predictions) it brings a lot of fear and changes behavior when you start acting according to what is going to happen.

  4. Umm… I differ slightly. Khushi has gotten results from her friends… I have not as of yet but it is too early to comment. Tarot only predict future upto 6 months.
    For example, if someone wants to know when they will get married… tarot will give an answer for next 6 months. The cards can change according to actions taken.
    It is about taking the results with a little maturity.

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