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I had the misfortune of watching this movie last night. The promos seemed different- a part of me wondered if Maddy and Kangana’s pair would work. This is the first movie in which Kangana is the lead… and not playing some psycho character. I liked her earlier… good fashion sense, can act, thoda hatke from the other actresses. This was her opportunity to shine.

The movie sucks… it is such shitty drag. Maddy is fat and a total loser who is in love with Kangana even though she is sooo not his type. Kangana is a slut who have numerous bfs, her way of rebelling against her parents.
I will spare you the details… please avoid. Kangana has shown off her newly bought cleavage. How many girls would wear backless and low cleavage clothes in Lucknow and Kanpur? Why even base the story in the small town if you want to show cleavage.
KC was wondering if it the season of “losers”. After Break ke Baad we have this dud.
Do the film makers think the audience is stupid? That they can make any shit and get away with it?
Again, do not watch this dumb movie.

5 thoughts on “Tanu Weds Manu

  1. Au Contraire, I heard some rave reviews about this movie.

    Anyways, I won’t be ableto watch it in the cinemas.Some of the pleasures of life that you have to let go once you have a baby.

  2. @ Anita: Wow!!! In India, most parents take their kids for all movies… I watched Dev D sitting next to a couple with a kid. 🙂

    @ RT: Arre… not my view… thats what they showed in the movie. It was the movie’s perspective

  3. thnks for the feedbk…will not watch it now…the promo ws interesting tho….and as an afterthought…I love the phrase “newly bought cleavage”!!!! sounds like page 3 journalism to me…

  4. Will watch the movie for the cleavage. No, on second thoughts there are better cleavages than Kangana’s

    — Prasanta

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