Tales from the pool

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These are the characters I encounter in the pool everyday:

– Crappy parents:

Last month, while in the large pool, I came across a dad with 2 kids. He was standing at the edge and urging his kids to jump into the water. One of the kids promptly did so while the other was very, very scared. Guess what the dad did? He pushed the kid into the pool and thats not even the worst. When the kid tried to come up for air, he pushed him in with his foot. I am not making this up, it actually happened. Indian parents are the WORST.

– Over indulgent parents:

Their kid cannot swim but instead of teaching them in the small pool, they will block a large chunk of space in the large pool. These kids will also dive in the middle of the lane without checking if anyone is around. But the most irritating part is that they swim horizontally instead of vertically. And kids do not check if they are hurting anyone or in the way.

– Social Butterflies:

These people come to the pool to socialize. They stand around at the ends gossiping and occupying space.

– Giggly Gals:

I saw them once and it was ridiculous. A group of 4-5 girls blocked 2 lanes and were playing statue in the pool. Everyone could hear them giggling and gossiping… it was quite a sight.

– The Dudes:

These school/college going guys are there to hit on girls… and many times I have seen them successfully talk to girls. Not a bad place to meet someone new.

And then there are people like me… who are there mainly to swim.


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