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There are some things I still cannot get out of my head…

– We met many Bangladeshis in all the cities of Italy who made us feel welcome…

  • On the bus…. with directions. Because in Rome, you cannot figure out who is a tourist and who is not. Also, people were quite stingy with directions. It made me miss Delhi where I always get incorrect directions and avoid asking for them. Atleast people help with directions.
  • At Chicken Hut which is run by Bangladeshis. A server thought we are Pakistanis and asked us if we speak Urdu. When he shook our heads, he asked KC to take care of his wallet because there are many pickpockets. I satisfied my craving for chicken rice on b’day eve here.
  • Always, always bargain at a stall run by a Bangladeshi… whether it is for leather stuff in Florence or fridge magnets in any other city. The Italian guys don’t give a shit.
  • We met a guy selling gelato in a mall at Naples who told us how much he misses home. The usual story but still touching

It made me think. Nobody can differentiate between an Indian, a Pakistani, Bangladeshi and maybe even a Sri Lankan in the first world countries… and everyone is happy to bond with the other but as soon as go to our respective countries, it is war. This makes no sense to me… absolutely, no sense at all. We eat similar foods, look the same, speak similar languages, pray to the same Gods… and yet… being called a Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan is an insult for an Indian. Something is very wrong with the world we live in.

– No matter what the job of a lady, she is always well groomed. I like to see people who make an effort to look good everyday. It is so off putting when people roll out of their beds and leave the house. Every woman even if she was a sweeper which meant she would get messy had applied make up and groomed her hair. Respect. Someday, we will see well-dressed women on Mumbai trains too… someday.

– Italy has the saddest cars. Of course, there is hardly any traffic (by Indian standards) because most people take public transport even though Rome’s transport system is as bad as that of Gurgaon. And since Italians, like first world people, are not obsessed with having kids, they have tiny cars. That won’t work in India where EVERY GODDAMN PERSON aspires for a child (and I still don’t know why) and marriage… tiny cars just won’t work. By tiny, I mean- 2 seater cars. One for yourself, one for your date. One big reason why we would never want to live in Italy- who wants to shift to a country where you have to downgrade your car, right? We see more Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Jaguars on Gurgaon roads.


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