Tales from ADHM 2015

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  • I think I got hit on while running. This is how the conversation went when I crossed India Gate.

Him : Hey. I am using you as my pacer. I hope you don’t mind.

Every runner uses someone or the other as their pacer. Basically, you stalk them because they are faster than you. But you don’t go and tell him/her that

Me : Umm… what is your target time?

Him: This is my first half marathon and I just want to finish.

Me : Umm… this is just my 2nd so I don’t know how I can be of any help.

Him : Plus, you are a doctor so if anything happens to me you can help.

There was security, medical stations and volunteers throughout the stretch

Me : I am not a doctor. I am just running for ‘Doctors without borders’

Him : Still. I work in pharma so we have something in common

Me : vague smile and then I started sprinting


  • Throughout my last 4 km I was convinced I had started my periods. All the signs (pain, exhaustion, sensitivity) that I was going to start menstruating any day exhibited themselves on Saturday. But I still didn’t wear sanitary napkins because it wasn’t my date. I decided not to stop at one of the portable loos and find out. What was the point? I would get freaked out. I had 30 mins and no staining would happen in that time. The plan was to rush to a medical shop post the run and buy sanitary napkins. Thankfully, it was a false alarm but a very close one because I started my periods today. Now I plan to bug the hell out of the twitter handle of ADHM and make sure they stock sanitary napkins along the route at their medical stalls for women who are menstruating.


  • Post the run a doctor approached me and asked if I work for MSF Doctors without Borders. He had volunteered for them in Sudan for a few months. I informed him that I helped raise funds for them and their employees were doing the 6 km Great Delhi Run. He said he lived without electricity and basic amenities in Sudan for a few months. Complete respect!!! Now I wish I was a doctor so I could do the same. Pretty sure, my excel or ppt skills have no takers.


  • Aditi from MSF came to meet me and another runner at 6 am. Even though she was supposed to start her run at 9:30 am, she woke up early and came  to wish me luck. What a sweet gesture.


  • Can we please ban or at the very least, fine runners who litter on the streets? There were sooooooo many dustbins on the roads and yet people were throwing trash on the roads.

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