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This review does come a little late but I finally watched Talaash. I can’t believe it has been a week since I moved into the new house… seems longer. Last weekend I was setting up and unpacking. The only things left now are:

  • Bookshelf. Housefull furniture sucks. They have not yet delivered the shelf yet even though I paid them 3 weeks back and they had committed 1st Dec’12 as the delivery date
  • The gas connection- Hope to get it this week even with the packed schedule and commitments
  • 1 more carton to unpack- it has some knick knacks which I was hoping to place on top of the bookshelf
Anyway, after setting up the microwave, getting the plumber to fix stuff, cable connection, getting the agreement… we watched the movie. It was surprisingly packed for a 2nd week. 
I already knew the suspense even though nobody on my fb posted the details. I wish I could have watched it last weekend. Nobody expects to watch a supernatural suspense thriller in a flick which stars Kareena, Aamir and Rani. Stars steer clear of supernatural (except for Bhoot) except for making comebacks (Karishma Kapoor… sad comeback vehicle).
I liked the movie… the actors are superb… even with the suspense out in the open it was thrilling. The only thing lacking were chills down my spine. I was not scared even in one scene and I wish it was otherwise. The scenes did not remain with me after I left the theatre. Some chills and it would have been fabulous.
But, I liked it.

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