Take a moment before you start making love to Maggi

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Before Nestle starts their multi million dollar marketing campaign and the Brand Manager heaves a sigh of relief because he/she FINALLY has something to do, take a moment, read this and pause before you pick up the piece of shit.

I won’t get into the technicalities because if you really gave you a damn, you would have googled them yourself. I have written a post on the blog about Maggi earlier but am going to repeat myself.

There was a time when I would eat Maggi and have a pack of juice for breakfast. That is not very strange considering there are still people doing this. Now, I would rather eat bread and butter and go off my clean eating plan than eat Maggi. As a kid, my mom would warn me about preservatives and Maida that Maggi has but she didn’t really stop buying it and I grew up on Maggi. Just like most kids of my generation. If there was one food item I would like to eliminate from this world, it would be Maggi. No, not the other instant noodles because they don’t taste half as good.

My bigger problem with Maggi is how it has gotten everyone addicted to it. “Addiction” is the right word to describe this intense feeling where people went crazy when it was banned and are going crazy now before it has even hit the shelves. People have even bought this product from the black market at double/triple rates. How did we get here? What does it have that we cannot live without it? It is almost like a drug.

Few things that I told myself to get over the addiction:

  • A pack of Maggi (85 gm) has 345 calories. You need to run 5 km extra (over and above your regular workout) to burn that off. It can be easily replaced with fruits, nuts, smoothies, sandwich etc.
  • Maggi has zero nutrition. I tried hard to think of one good thing about Maggi and couldn’t come up with anything. There is no nutrition. Even bread and butter has some healthy properties. But not Maggi.

Some more alarming things about instant noodles (I will not talk about MSG/lead/Sodium/sugar. There has been enough in the media about it):

  • Maggi is fried in Dalda instead of vegetable oil so it has a longer shelf life and it is tastier. Why is Dalda bad? *face palm*
  • Maggi is deep fried so that it is easier and faster to cook. That is where the “2 minute” claim comes from. Have pakodas/samosas/kachoris instead. They are healthier than Maggi.

These are all the things I care about as someone who eats clean 50-60% of the time. If you don’t care about what you put in your body, grab Maggi off the shelves now. But if you do care, hold on. And please, please, please do not feed it to your kids. Nestle plans to run a high decibel campaign targeting mothers because they stand in the way of feeding kids Maggi. Don’t fall for it. Nestle knows youngsters are too stupid to care about the health of their bodies and will eat it anyway.

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