Feeling and looking colorful

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Sigh!!! I have scrubbed and scrubbed till I drew blood but the color refuses to go away. Mama had brought non-toxic colors which would come off easily… but the others were not so thoughtful.

I woke up at 9 am (slept for 10-11 hrs straight)… parents and bro had reached at 6 am. After a b’fast of fafdas (Gujju snack), jalebis, pakodas etc which I mostly avoided… we got ready with the colors and stuff… there were 20-25 of us (relatives) and we attacked… once everyone looked colorful and unrecognizable we looked for new targets who were hiding in their homes. As soon as a new victim came out all of us went after him/her. Nobody was spared and everytime someone went to wash up we attacked them again. My masi got bugged with my constant shouting.. “Attack!!! Masi washed her face again”.

The came the Grand Finale… we caught my Bro and tore his shirt… Mom tried to rescue him but to no avail. One by one the tee shirts of the other kids were torn… When my Bro was young my Masi would tear the pockets of his shirts… she found it quite funny. When she had kids we tore the pockets of their shirts. I guess we have a weird fetish with tearing clothes. It is also a tradition in the wedding… where the groom’s clothes are torn.

After a yummy lunch of fish and rice I dozed off into sweet dreams. Now I am bored… the kids are busy studying for exams… everyone else is sleeping… I don’t want to read ‘coz I have to save the book for my journey tomorrow.

I don’t remember the last time I did nothing all day.

Happy Holi

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Hiya… Happy Holi… forgive me if you messaged a greeting and I didn’t reply. I am quite lazy.

I am exhausted today and plan to sleep by 10 pm… have come to Veraval to spend my Holi.
My 2 younger cousins are quite excited and have been threatening to spray me with color even though I have warned them; “Plz don’t… I don’t want to play Holi… my skin is quite sensitive”.

Right now Nani is cooking something (don’t know the English term for the Sindhi food) on cakes of cow dung like they did in the old days.

Me: Umm… that is being cooked directly on the cow dung…
Mama: So? They cooked like that in old days… it is quite hygienic
Me: I thought they used utensils
Mama: Bhaati (of Daal Bhaati fame) is also cooked directly
Me: I am not eating that.. ok? Holi or no Holi

Me (to cousin): Oye… go spray water on the dogs…
Cousin: I can’t… they will fall sick
Me: And I won’t???

Anyways… enjoy your Holi. I was in Gurgaon last year during Holi… hated every moment of it.

The year before that I was at Manipal… RT and I had pulled Appu for the Holi at the boys hostel when we found out she has never played it. She was so much a part of us that we forgot she is Mallu.

Too late in the night for a title

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I am at mama’s place today at Veraval. Anyone heard of Saurashtra??? Thats where I am. I traveled to Porbander.. anyone remember Mohandas Gandhi? Porbander is his birth place.

As you near Veraval the terrain changes… if traveling by road you will notice the coconut trees, feel the cool weather, smell the sea, notice the lush greenary… if traveling by train the smell of fish will jolt you out of reverie.

The houses are made of stone here… not brick.

Mama picked me up from the bus… one of the perks here is that there is always someone to pick me up or drop me off… full 5 star treatment. At home dinner was ready for me… I hugged nani… wished Mami… abused my younger cousin bro (2nd std) and offered him M&M. As I bent to eat my food Mami noticed my butterfly tattoo… below my neck which is usually well hidden by clothes.
Mami: You got a tattoo???
Mama: When will it come off?
Me: Umm… it is permanent
Nani: Where??
(when she sees where it actually is.. gets scandalized)
Nani: Chee.. chee… and what have you done to your hair? You used to look so nice earlier
Me: Right Nani
Mami: You have lost some weight… the regime is working
Me (happy that someone noticed): Yes… totally
Nani: Manish is getting engaged… Lajjoo is getting engaged… when will you marry?
Me: In due time…

Nani is a very restless person… she prefers to do things on her own. She won’t let me carry my plate or make tea or fold the blanket… or anything else. It is weird having such an old person waiting on me.

Chalo… good night.