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After my yesterday’s conversation, I realized how little I know my best friends… they still surprise me… I also realized how little time I give them…

I vow to interact more with the important people in my life.

I am watching ‘So you think you can dance” on AXN. It is one of the very good reality shows on TV. My sis is a fan and catches it on TV without fail.
Another good show is ‘Project Runway’… they did show the re-runs on AXN but I wish some channel would screen the latest episodes. There was an Indianised version on Star One years back. It was quite good… the designers and the winner was also deserving. I don’t know why they didn’t have more seasons.
Another good show is “Step it up and dance” on AXN. The best part about it is the camaraderie between the contestants… they were laughing and cared about each other… there was no bitchiness.. no scandals or politics. The focus of the show was dance only… no cheap stunts here.

Idiot Box

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I came across ‘NDTV Good Times’ while switching channels. There was a program ‘Highway on my plate’ playing. 2 old, fat men with long hair had traveled to Ludhiana. After the initial introduction; “This is the city with max no of Mercs…. “, they proceeded to some pakora shop called ‘Punnu ke pakore’. They ate pakoras and talked about pakoras for the next 5 mins. The owner of the shop was introduced and asked stupid questions in Hindi. The questions and answers were translated to English for the benefit of viewers. After all, it is an English program. A bit of Hindi just will not do. They then attacked some Kulfi shop and started eating again.

What a bore of a show!!! And where do they find such ugly, stupid, dumb hosts? Indian TV is going to the dogs… oops… sorry… didn’t mean to insult the dogs.

Reality Shows

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I was watching ‘America’s next top model’ today. I think Reality shows are the best thing to happen to TV after Ekta Kapoor. No.. no… I do not watch Kkkkk serials but know a lot of women and young nubile girls who get their home science education through them (a very scary thought for the men).

The other MTV Wassup (amazing advertising by Pepsico) surveyed youngsters and asked them whether politics, bitching, cat/dog fights, abuses on reality shows are representative of today’s generation. Everyone’s answer was positive.
The pressure that youngsters have to go through… top grades, well dressed, popular among opposite sex, talented… whew!!! The list is endless. Gone are the days when men only had to get good jobs and women husbands with good jobs. Life is much more tough now… we want it all (I am including myself in youngsters)… good jobs (well paying, good profile, good location), good hubbies (with good jobs, good companions who are madly in love with us), good lifestyle (nice house with maid, coffee at 5 star hotels, luxurious vacations, stints abroad). The competition is killing. Succeeding solely on merit is impossible now… PR is more important.

Coming back to reality shows… they are super duper time pass and have it all…. good looking men and women, loads of abuses, dumb tasks, bitchiness, skimpy clothes. Fultoo entertainment.

Roadies is quite good. I hate Palak… there is a community if facebook dedicated to her called ‘I hate Palak’. Palaumi is cute with her obsession for make up. I was sad when Sufi left.
Splitsvilla is fun… I didn’t watch the 1st season and don’t miss even one episode now. It helps that the repeat is telecast everyday. I like Joanna… and I am waiting for the next episode when Mohit cheats on her with Sakshi. More entertainment.
America’s top model is good too. Who said modelling is only about looking good? It is about the right attitude, confidence, good body, glowing skin, correct posture and lots more.
Big Boss was sad without Rakhi Sawant… The love triangle of Payal, Monica and Rahul was not spicy enuogh.
I tried watching the shows on Real but they were quite dull. Raghu is diluting his image by hosting them.

Any other good reality shows?

It sucked!!!

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My day sucked today!!! Bloody Monday… I am so tired… there is so much work… everything is going wrong.

If I hadn’t spent so much money straightening my hair I would have pulled them out right now.

I am having an overdose of ‘Delhi’ these days… Oye Lucky Lucky Oye was based in Delhi… so was Dev D… KC is in Delhi… and right now I am reading ‘Delhi’ by Khushwant Singh… Delhi only provides a background for his whoring. Are all his books like that? ‘In the company of women’ definitely is.

When I read about Delhi it sounds so fascinating… I didn’t spend too much time in Delhi in the 8 months that I was in Gurgaon… but I hate North… just the thought of corporate offices moving to Gurgaon sends shivers through my spine. Any suggestion from KC that we may have to re-locate there in a few years freaks me out… I panic… my brain goes numb.

Yesterday Khushi and me were discussing women and what they look for in men… (we don’t disucss men anymore… I don’t need to… Khushi does not have any cute/hot reason to)… I was remembering all the times men have complained; “What do women want?”… If you want to find out… spend time with your gf (a girl who is a friend and not a gf) and her friends… everything will become crystal clear.

Tube watch:

@11pm: Different strokes on Zee Cafe
@12: Sex and the City on Zee Cafe… 2 episodes back2back

On my jukebox:

  • ‘Aashiyana’
  • ‘Whatever you like’
  • ‘Rehna Tu’
  • ‘Behka’
  • ‘Saali Khushi’
  • ‘Survivor’
  • ‘Sorry’
  • ‘In my place’

Still working.. :(

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Yes… I am still working… have too much to do and less time. I don’t take tension on Saturday or Sunday… so I am going to finish as much as possible tonight even if it means keeping awake all night. Tomorrow I have to wake up early.

I had dinner with Rohan and his wife today. Rohan is my friend since college… we attended our MBA classes at the same center. I was one of the highest scorers in English. He had approached me and asked for tips to improve his English. We became friends.
I bumped into him in Oct at Rajkot. It was quite a surprise.
Anyway… the dinner was good… his wife is very sweet and innocent. I don’t remember the last time I met someone this innocent.

Earlier I spent 9 pm watching Sex and the City. The day the series ended on Zee Cafe I stopped watching TV. Guess what… they are showing repeat episodes at midnight now and I am so yay!!!
Tomorrow at this time I will be chatting or watching some movie with Khushi at A’bad.

Every episode SATC is related to some incident of my life. In today’s episode, Carrie comes across her ex-bf Mr Big who is getting engaged to another female. Carrie is shocked. He had told her he couldn’t commit… she is devastated. Getting mind fucked like this at 18 or 20 is expected… but at 35??? Horrible!!! Thank god for the few good men… I am with one of them.
Miranda and her ex-bf try to be friends… but end up having sex. I guess friendship with ex does not work out unless he is bad in bed.

Good night… I need to get back to my work…