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I have watched a few movies but not blogged about it (laziness?)

  • Shanghai: I was excited about the flick… Dibakar and Abhay. Everyone would have watched the movie by now so I will not get into the story. I liked the fact that it is based on reality… thats how politics works. It has not been given a happy ending as a compromise. It is not as exciting as it could have been… the end was predictable. Nevertheless, a good effort.
  • Madagascar 3: Watched it few weeks back. It was good but the magic of Madagascar was missing. It felt like a usual cartoon movie with a lesson in the end. Avoid.
  • Ferrari ki Swaari: I was excited about watching this one since the reviews are good and I like Sharman Joshi. Pathetic. All Sharman did was smile or cry. An overtly emotional Bollywood movie. But what was I expecting? It has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani. He is revered in the movie industry but I did not like his Munnabhai movies… they were too emotional. I had walked out mid way from the theater while watching the first part. Avoidable.
  • Brave: Last weekend we could not get tickets for Gangs of Wasseypur and decided to watch Brave. A really good flick. Loved it.
      • Gangs of Wasseypur: I have been hearing about the movie for a long time now and looked forward to watching it. I generally read reviews on I find them more reliable. I want to quote a few lines in the review:
    •  The film never recovers from the unforgivably tedious first half-hour, and despite many laudable moments and nifty touches, never quite engages. This is partly because of every Indian filmmaker’s befuddling desire to borrow plot-points from The Godfather whenever dealing with crime families, but mostly because Kashyap is defiant in his self-indulgence, piling on more and more when less could have done the job more efficiently.He wouldn’t have made a good hitman, clearly; Kashyap is a kingpin.

      It must here be remembered that mob bosses, at least the ones Hindi cinema have accustomed us to over the years, have hardly been an efficient lot. They growl orders, surround themselves by those applauding their every maniacal move, and, intoxicated by their own bluster, proceed to boast about their convoluted plot to the protagonist, resulting in their climactic downfall. It is this look-what-I-did windbaggery that constantly weighs down Wasseypur, a highly competent and occasionally enjoyable product, and keeps it from soaring like it should have.

    • As you can imagine, there’s a fair bit of Prakash Mehra [ Images ] and vintage Yash Chopra [ Images ] running through this film’s veins, and while Kashyap doffs his hat to each of the directors in style, his film tries too hard to be more: more than just an actioner, more than just a drama, more even than a bloodied saga. This overreaching desire to be an Epic makes it a film that, despite some genuinely stunning individual pieces, fails to come together as a whole. There is much to treasure, but there is more to decry.Entire sequences that could be compressed into clever throwaway lines are staged in grand, time-consuming detail; while genuinely sharp lines are often repeated, as if too good to use just once. The characters are a wild, fantastical bunch of oddballs and trigger-happy loons, but attempting to do each fascinating freak justice with meaty chunks of screen-time may not even be film’s job. Wasseypur may have worked better as a long and intriguing television series, one deserving a spin-off movie only after six seasons. Here it feels too linear, and even too predictable: scenes themselves often surprise, even delight, but the narrative is cumbersome and unexciting. And, as said before, Godfatherly.
I did not understand the review. It felt like someone was going out of his way to malign the movie. There are a lot of big words… too much imagery. A person reading movie reviews only wants to know if the movie is good or not. Period.
Anyway, the other reviews were good… so we watched it. I have seen Kashyap’s “No Smoking”… “The girl in the yellow boots”… which are his worst movies (my opinion)… but they are still better than most Bollywood flicks. They are different… they bring a different experience.
We decided to try the PVR gold class…. an indulgence, albeit an unnecessary one.
The movie is good… the story is not new… but the setting, background and events are real. It could have easily been shorter. The first part introduces Manoj Bajpai’s father and how he dies. That could have been cut short to 1-2 scenes. But after that, it is good. I like the fact that there are many new faces… and some we have seen here and there. Also liked the narrator… thank god, it has not been done by Amitabh/Shah Rukh. There are so many actors who are good orators… why only rely on Amitabh?
I am looking forward to the second part.
As for the gold class experience, it was ok. The tickets are priced at Rs 750 and include a recliner leather seat and welcome drink. Nothing great. We have a similar couch at home. An unnecessary indulgence.

Books and Movies

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  • Maximum City by Suketu Mehta: Why did it take me so long to pick it up? There are books which are fillers and then there are books like these which make the hobby worthwhile… which add to your life… which you remember forever… which mark your life. Like, I remember when I read “The bridge across forever” by Richard Bach. I remember the book… stage of life… the exact mind frame I was in. I remember reading Shantaram… remember gifting it to KC (who never finished it but thats another story. While we were dating, he would pretend to read it) … remember exactly how I felt. Coming to the book, it is about Mumbai… everything that has defined the city- underworld, bomb blast, bar girls, Bollywood etc. What makes this book different is the in-depth research. Suketu has met the underworld guys… he has even interviewed Chhota Shakeel; to the point that when a person was shot dead… Suketu knew who killed him, where he was hiding, who his accomplices were, what was his real name. He could not give this information to the police and so decided to stop the research. He has also interviewed the cops. So, you get both sides of the story. Brilliant book. I wish I could do something like that. Would make my life worthwhile. One book like this… awards… and money from royalties all my life. And of course, the job satisfaction- most important of all. Please read it. I will loan you my book if you don’t want to spend money.
  • I’ll do it my way – The Incredible Journey of Aamir Khan by Christina Daniels: When I bought the book I posted a pic on fb with the update that it is next on my reading list. A friend commented that the author did not even speak to Aamir while writing the book. He did not entertain her. That was a pro and a con. Pro- the author would have been able to touch upon rumors about him and give an unbiased, factual opinion. Also, Aamir would not be able to edit things out. Con- what the author writes may not be correct at all and we will never know how Aamir feels or thinks or who he is. Sadly, the book is a praise about Aamir… it is based on interviews with people around him… those who have worked with him… directors, producers, his uncle etc. There is nothing negative about him at all… which is so strange. He had a divorce… he remarried… he was accused of neglecting his brother… he is rumored to be high handed and a control freak. It is like the author was so scared that the book will not get published that she decided to play safe. Pathetic.
Current read: Girl with the dragon tattoo
  • Ishaqzaade: We watched this movie last weekend. I read mixed reviews online and on fb that first haf is good and momentum is lost in the second half. Did not like the movie. The story of first half is different from 2nd half. I mean, it could have been 2 movies and it seems the director decided to club both and make one. In the first half, heroine falls in love with the hero even though they have been sworn enemies since childhood. It was not clear why she falls for him. Why? How? Then, he sleeps with her and dumps her. Ideally, it should have been better in the 2nd part with her taking revenge or something. Instead, they fall in love. Will you fall in love with a guy who lied to you, married you, slept with you, dumped you and then spread the pics all over? I would murder the guy. But, I am not making Bollywood movies… I just watch them. What do I know? So, they fall in love and the story becomes about honour killing which could ideally have been the end to an entirely different movie. What I liked- Arjun Kapoor- great acting, dancing and physique. Parineeta- Not good looking at all but can act. Music- rocks. Amazing. Love Amit’s music- Dev D, Aisha, Udaan etc. He is truly a genius.
  • Dark Shadows: I was excited about this- Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a good pair. The story is about a guy who sleeps with the maid who turns out a witch. She wants him but he is not interested. He marries the love of his life and the witch kills her. She turns him into a vampire and buries him. When he is revived, it is the modern world. It is funny to see a vampire in the 21st century. He goes back to the family and tries to revive their flagging fortune and defeat the witch. Thats when the mind fuck starts. Pathetic. How can anyone give it a good review? Do Indian reviewers get intimidated by Hollywood biggies and just give random stars? Avoid. We felt like the weekend had been wasted.
  • Paranormal Activity 3: I watched this one finally. I made KC sit with me even though he wanted to watch the match instead. Hated the movie. I was so disappointed. Sure, as a horror flick it works fine… but not as a ‘Paranormal Activity’ movie. PA was more scary for the simple reason that it had no prequel or sequel. It was about a normal couple in whose house demonic activity starts happening. While watching it, you are scared because it could happen to you… to anybody. When there is a prequel, it means there is something else going on. Now, it is just another horror movie but is not linked to me. I am removed from it so the fear is lesser. The fear is only through the special effects. It does not scare me like PA after watching which I could not sleep for 2-3 nights.
  • Black Friday: I finally watched the movie. I don’t remember the bomb blasts. I was probably in school removed from normal life without access to TV or news. The movie was an eye opener and based on facts. I read about it in Maximum City and the facts were the same. In MC, the gangsters and the cop investigating it has been interviewed. Anyway, great movie. Worth a watch.

So much to talk about…

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There are so many posts I have wanted to write… I am going to club all of them in one:

  • I attended a wedding last month. It was a casual affair since the couple had already had a court wedding few months earlier. No… they did not elope. The girl’s father was not well and the couple wanted to get married anyway. I was not happy that KC wore jeans. I have attended Delhi weddings and jeans is a no no. In Mumbai, its ok… but not in Delhi unless you are flaunting a Tommy or Armani or something. I turned out wrong ‘coz the whole thing was very casual. There was no stage or anything. The time on the invitation said “8 pm”. My plan was to finish dance class by 7 pm, rush home, change into wedding finery, leave home by 8 pm, reach at 8.30 pm, have dinner by 9 pm and be home before 10 pm. Sigh!!! Just shows how long it has been since I attended a wedding. When we reached at 8.30 pm, we met the groom at the gate. He was leaving for home to pick up the bride. Thankfully, people started trickling in… but even till 9.30 pm, there was no sign of dinner. We left anyway since do not prefer being out till late on Sunday nights.
  • The cook has taken leave for 15 days. Lucky lady. I wish I could take 15 days off to go home. Even 3 days leave is hard to come by and involves a lot of planning. I am cooking dinner these days. Last night, I cooked cauliflower veg and chappatis… KC made the rice in the microwave and there was leftover daal. I started cooking at 7.45 pm and we finished eating by 9 pm. Not bad. And my rotis turned out well. Rotis are tricky… no matter how well you can make them, they require practice. We have started guarding the leftovers. It means one thing less to cook.
  • A mouse has entered the house. It was staying right outside the house and the neighbor kept requesting us to keep the garbage somewhere else but the garbage collector wanted us to leave it outside the house. I decided to listen to the collector. After all, the mice can scourge in the garbage even if it is kept few steps away. And now, one of them is living with us. I have laid out a trap for the last 3 days with goodies inside- cheese, bread and biscuit. But he is a smart cookie. 2 days back I managed to feed it rat kill. Now, we are waiting for it to die. Unfortunately, it is living inside the couch and biting into it. Die… mouse.. die. It is like living with a ghost… it is not seen just felt.
  • Vicky Donor: Brief review- Love story about a sperm donor. Reading the rave reviews online and on fb, KC and I headed for this one last weekend. Big mistake… for some reason, the tickets cost more- Rs 350/head. The first half was humorous… well, anything showing Punjabi family is hilarious. Just before the interval- Anu Kapoor was explaining the hero that he is making a mistake by thinking about marriage ‘coz then he will not have enough sperms to donate. It sounded sooooo damn ridiculous. Also, the movie drags on for 3 hours. The choice was between getting mind fucked or going home and getting good sleep. We chose the latter and left in the interval. The biggest grouse I have – sperm donation has been treated in such a ridiculous manner… the infertile couples have been made fun of… sperm donation is linked with making huge money. Its so sad that in such progressive times such insensitive movies are made. And John Abraham has produced it. I thought he is an educated, sensible guy. Guess, I was wrong. The actors are good… the lead hero and heroine have played their roles well. Please avoid.
  • Mirror Mirror: We watched the paid preview last Thursday. Julia Roberts was the reason we went for it. It is the story of Cindrella with a twist. I liked it. Even though the bad reviews are justified, I liked watching something other than the usual Cindrella story. And its always a pleasure to see Julia Roberts.
  • Jazz is going well. A lot of my old batch mates have been promoted and a lot of people from current batch have moved ahead. Now I am more or less with people of the same level which makes it easier to catch up. I have shifted the timing from 4.30 pm to 9.30 am. That gives me entire Sunday to myself. Looking forward to it.
  • De-cluttering: Few weeks back I cleaned out my dressing table cupboard. I had not done that in 3 years… yep, not even when we moved from Mumbai to Gurgaon. I have the habit of hoarding or buying ahead to time. I hate to run out of stuff. My worst nightmare is to wake up in the morning and realize I am out of shampoo/soap/toothpaste/conditioner. Trust me, I will skip work on that day rather than stepping out without any of these. Not just that, I always over stock utensils detergent/washing powder/phenol etc. This is also ‘coz everyone in my family stocks up. My mom would buy detergent in wholesale for the entire year. Since, the hospital bedsheets (dad is a doc and has a hospital below the house) are washed at home, the detergent usage is very high. Another reason is that I work in the personal care/cosmetics industry. I get some products at discount every quarter. I tend to stock up incase the next sale is delayed… I also buy all our new launches… and also competition new launches. And then I have my preferred products. All this has lead to around 10 pcs of deos, 4-5 bottles of hair spray/gel/mousse (I do not use any of them), anti ageing cream (useless for me), entire year’s stock of shampoo and conditioner, 4-5 bottles of face scrub, 4-5 bottles of face washes, 3 jars of moisturizer, 3 brands of suncreen, 3 brands of face mask, 3 brands of make up cleansers, 4 brands of perfumes, 5 brands of hair serum etc etc. You get the idea… I have not purchased all of these… some are gifts from the company (2-3 times in the year we get free products) and some gifts from my sis (incidentally, she also works in the same industry in USA). I managed to throw away all the expired products and still have a year’s supply. But my cupboard looks very much neater. I have been begging KC to finish his deos before they expire. Btw, all this is leftover after sending products home every quarter for family- bro, dad, mom, sis and relatives- 4-5 masis, mamas, cousins etc.

Ta…da… be back with more updates soon.


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What I liked about it:
  • 2 hours long
  • Has Irfan Khan
  • Is based on a true story
  • No songs
But… the story moves very slowly. The story is about Paan Singh Tomar… his transformation from an army man to an athlete to a dacoit. The part about the army days is entertaining but then the story moves very slowly from being an athlete to a dacoit.
I especially did not like the end… its as if the director was sympathizing with the dacoit. I was comparing Bandit Queen with this movie… BD also kills a group of villagers in a similar fashion for revenge. In BD, I couldn’t sympathize with Phulan… no matter what she went through. In PST, the director is trying to get the audience to sympathize.
I hated writing that sentence… ” I couldn’t sympathize with Phulan… no matter what she went through”. Maybe I would want to kill… and I would have, in her place. But I don’t want to be a put in a position where I have to sympathize with a dacoit. That is wrong.
All in all… a good effort but when there was something lacking. I think PST is being made out to be a hero, which he is not.



What I liked:

  • It is only 2 hours
  • Vidya Balan has not applied any make up- except kohl and lipstick. A heroine without foundation… WOW
  • Most actors were not well known or not seen before. Lends the movie an authenticity
  • Kolkata and Durga Puja is a backdrop… giving the movie an interesting personality
What I did not like:
  • Could I have predicted the end? Yes, if tried
Kahaani is a genre not made anymore… suspense thrillers. Remember movies like Gupt (can’t recall any other) with a suspense in the end? A suspense that cannot be very easily guessed? I miss those movies. These days, filmmakers do not even try to surprise the audience. We just have to watch recycled crap.
Vidya is a gutsy actress. Who else would have agreed to go make up less, wear 3-4 dresses in the movie and play pregnant throughout? (Only Priyanka Chopra comes to mind… but I do not like her lips anymore… too much surgery). Vidya has done it again… hits pe hits.
I loved seeing Kolkata. I have been there during Durga Puja and it is chaos… but fun. I remembered the one month I spent there. I pointed out to KC all the places I had been to.
Must watch.


Movie Reviews… long due

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Hiya. I have been meaning to review the movies I have watched but did not find the time or the inclination. So, here goes…

I watched this with D and KC in Vasant Kunj 2 weeks back. D likes George Clooney and was excited about it… I had read good reviews but knew it is damn slow.

The story is about a husband whose wife meets with an accident, enters a coma and dies. The twist is that he gets to know that she was cheating on him and everyone, but him knew about it. I felt like Hollywood has run out of stories and decided to put a character in an impossible situation… then worked out the story around it.
I did not like it at all… who does that? Who will look for his cheating wife’s partner and ask him to see her before she dies. That is so dumb… and loserly.
The only reason why this movie works is ‘coz of Clooney. He is usually so chic, handsome and suave in movies that watching him play this role is awesome. From acting to his dressing… he lives the role. You have to notice his pants… they fit him like it would any of our dads.
I would say… avoid.

I missed this movie in the theatre. I don’t think I would have dragged KC for it, anyway. I downloaded and watched it when KC was away this week. The story is about the time that racism existed in USA. Blacks mostly worked as labour… they were discriminated against. One white woman decides to write a book on their experiences. It is her struggle to get them to trust her and get the book published. The story sounds very appealing… but the movie is very Bollywoodish. A movie with such a story has a potential to be path breaking, specially if it has been nominated for Oscars. But its very commercial. I did not enjoy it much.
Just watched flick since reviews on fb were good. In a nutshell- it is Jab We Met without Shahid with wooden Imran with a twist in the end. Imran is doing the same roles over and over again. I am tired of seeing him as the good guy next door. He is so wooden. You have to compare Shahid and him and see the difference. Imran has a loooooong way to go. Kareena is the same… like her natural make up in this flick. The story is slow… thank god, it is just 2 hours. Kareena and Imran stay friends in the end… with him still pining for her. Such a loser.
Avoid… just watch Jab we Met again.

Agneepath- Then and Now

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Hi… by now you would have already watched the movie or atleast the reviews. So, my review is quite belated. Nevertheless, here my 2 cents. I will do 2 reviews- one for the new movie assuming it is entirely different- just to be fair and second will be a comparison between the old and new.

Btw, do check out Dipta’s review (link in sidebar), it is bang on.
Review 1:
I had not watched the old Agneepath when I watched the new one. So, I saw it with an open mind and no reason for comparisons. Of course, I have seen a lot of movies with Amitabh as “angry young man”. So, I knew what it must be all about.
The movie begins on a very depressing note- with Hrithik’s dad getting falsely implicated and hanged to death by Sanjay Dutt- Kancha Cheena. He takes him mother to Mumbai where she delivers a baby girl. Vijay’s life spirals into a life of crime henceforth. He is obsessed with revenge and joins the gang of Rishi Kapoor. He double crosses Rishi and takes revenge from Kancha. He dies in the end.
It is funny how nobody in Hrithik’s family has green eyes- not even his childhood. How difficult can it be to cast a kid with green eyes or cast his sis with green eyes? Hrithik looks like a male model in the slum- no Mumbaiya lingo, well dressed, deliberately unshaved… very out of place. The sad truth is there is no actor today who can play a realistic tapori. Gone are the days of Jackie Shroff, Mithun or Anil Kapoor. Actors today are too image conscious to play to the lower class. The exceptions are Salman (I do not like him, so lets ignore) and Aamir. I think Aamir’s tapori act in Rangeela exceeded expectations. Which hero today would agree to wear yellow pants and jacket? (Salman, excepted). Sad.
Priyanka plays a giggling, talkative bimbo. I hate such characters. I wanted to reach out and slap her hard. And then the crying- there was too much of it. After all, it is a Karan Johar movie. Hrithik was either crying or getting beaten up. I cannot imagine Amitabh like that. No ways.
I do not like Sanjay Dutt and watching him look uglier than ever did not help.
Please avoid. Save your hard earned money. It ain’t worth it.
Review 2:
All curious, I downloaded the old Agneepath and watched it on Sunday. The best characters- Mithun, Neelam, Shetty etc have been edited out of the new version. Why? Mithun was so much fun and Neelam is so cute. I loved Amitabh’s rasping voice, the way he survived 4 bullets in the chest, how he swam in the Mauritius waters when bombed. Its unreal and ENTERTAINING. He did not cry and yet managed to exude the anguish and pain. Oh, the best part was Kancha Cheena… he is not some bald, ugly, psycho man. He is a suave, sexy, chic Danny. I have never seen him look this handsome. Thats what a don is supposed to look like.
You know my verdict… loved the old one… hated the new one even without watching the old one.


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The reason this review is so late is because everyone has already said everything about it. I will now give my views on it.

While deciding whether to watch it or not, I found the reviews very confusing. They said positive and negative… nobody told me if I should watch it or not. We went for it last weekend.
Rockstar is not a movie about a guy becoming a rockstar… it is a movie about him falling in love, getting his heart broken, finding the love again, losing it… finding it again and then losing it finally. Thats the kernel. Music and stardom are the shells. Ranbir as the “Rockstar” is fab… I loved his North Delhi guy’s typical accent and dressing. It is on spot. The accent does not change throughout… just ‘coz he becomes famous his language does not get refined. Ranbir is a natural and I don’t think he has ever acted in a “bad” movie till date.
Nargis is torture… she cannot act… it is as artificial as Amisha Patel, Aishwarya, Katrina- in the beginning of her career. Her voice is dubbed by the same female who dubs for Katrina. I found her pout very, very, very irritating. I have not come across any females with such a prominent pout in my day to day life. It has obviously been surgically enhanced.
Imtiaz Ali has a thing for firangs… a role which can be performed well by an Indian is given to firangs. I have nothing against them… but they need to be able to dance, act and speak the language, atleast.
Music grows on you. I did not like the songs when I saw them on TV but after watching the movie, I love them.
Watch it… once… for Ranbir.. for the music… for Imtiaz Ali.
It had potential to be a great movie but ends up in Bollywood cliches.

Books and Movies

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Hiya. It has been a week full of books and movies. I had a stack of books in my drawer and I have devoured them one by one. Travelling in metro helps… it gives me time to read.

I wish this book didn’t have Rekha on its cover… the book barely mentions her and she does not represent the “history” of Bollywood.
Anyway, apart from the cover… I loved it. It caught my eye and I ordered from the library. It starts from the beginning… first film made in India and abroad and chronicles the history, rise and fall of actors/actresses, their personal lives etc. It is very revealing. It does not dwell on actors like Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Mithun etc but spends maximum time on the earliest actors… Dilip Kumar… Amitabh Bachan… Raj Kapoor… Prithviraj Kapoor etc. Worth a read. I found it very difficult to put it down and waited to get home from work so I could continue reading.

Another book by Khushwant Singh and a very honest one. He has not hidden the fact that he got a job as editor of HT through Sanjay Gandhi and that he was fired from it by Birla. It takes guts to be this honest. Planning to read the rest of the books also.
I had taken part 2 home to watch it with my bro. But the format didn’t work on the DVD player and we didn’t get enough time to watch it on the laptop. Part 2 is scarier and yet it is not. It is scarier because the events happening are not as subtle as in part 1. It is less scary because part 1 gave the feeling that this could happen to anyone… in anyone’s house but in part 2… the history is established. Which means… I will not have sleepless nights. I am looking forward to part 3… where it all began.

Downloaded and watched this flick yesterday. We were planning to watch “In time” but chucked it. I remember debating about it with my friends in school when I was in 7th std. The friends were Jainee and Monica. Jainee and I were of the view point that such movies should not be made. They set a bad precedent for the audience and gives them weird ideas. Monica was of the opposite view. So, unlike what I think now. I guess, then I didn’t know what it was actually about. I still lived in the world of Mills and Boon and Barbara Cartlands.
I loved the movie. Shekhar Kapur is a genius. I wish he had made more Hindi movies. I loved the actors he picked- Seema Biswas, Nirmal Pandey, Raghubir Yadav, Namdeo (don’t remember his first name), Manoj Bajpai, Saurabh Shukla etc. Its a wonderful cast… and at a time when they were nobodies. It shows an eye for talent.
The scene with Seema naked was a shocker. I had heard about it earlier… but thought it not be showing her completely nude. After all, which Indian actress will agree to such a scene? If she does, her reputation will be in ruins. It also made sense… if the movie is completely based on facts, why edit things out?
Another thing I loved was that… Seema does not have to mouth long dialogues or the rapes were not glorified to make the audience sympathize with her. The lines said by her; “Why no bullets for me?” when Namdeo (the villain) threatens to kill her partner. It means that her death will be a relief… she always has to suffer much worse… rapes… getting stripped in front of the village.
KC thought Phoolan was stupid to kill innocent villagers instead of the villains she had come after. If Phoolan was smart, she would have stayed with her husband instead of running away. The choice was getting raped by one man all her life or getting raped by many other men… of course, she didn’t know then.
Phoolan had protested against this movie. But after its release, she became popular. She even got her autobiography published. She was a low caste icon and that explains the rise of Dalits in UP. They were tired of the oppression by the higher caste.
And if anyone reading this believes that oppression and discrimination does not exist anymore… you are wrong. But thats fodder for another post.

Saheb Biwi aur Gangster

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Lack of any other options and good reviews made us watch it on Friday night. It is supposed to be inspired by Sahib Biwi and Ghulam. I have not watched it so cannot compare.

Jimmy Shergill is the Saheb… he has respect as a royal but no money. He is involved in illegal activities for the money… Biwi is Mahi Gill who is mentally unstable made worse by her husband’s infidelity… Randeep Hooda is the gangster who has been hired by a rival to spy on Saheb. It goes the usual route… he and Mahi have a torrid affair and manage to get rid of Saheb’s mistress. Instead of eliminating Saheb and marrying him, Mahi Gill and Saheb get together.
The end is predictable… Randeep is killed by Mahi… Saheb becomes paralyzed and Mahi takes over.
The story is predictable towards the end and spoils the fun… all 3 have acted well… Mahi needs a makeover… she can look good but the dinosaur age make up doesn’t help… Jimmy is awesome.

Movie Reviews

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I like Mila Kunis… she was fab in That 70s show and Black Swan. She is so pretty and I love her voice. We were trying to decide which movie to watch today… Mere Brother ki Dulhan was out… the choice was between FWB and Contagion. We picked this. The movie is full of cliches… guy and girl have commitment and emotional issues… both are single… become friends… decide to have sex… it gets complicated… they fall in love… the end. There was no interval and I couldn’t even have nachos. A bummer…. but I got to watch Mila Kunis and that makes it worth it.


TGIYB is out and out an art movie… Art movies these days are… Phas gaye re obama, Pyaar ka punchnama… Dhobhi Ghat… etc… also called multiplex movies. TGIYB is not in that genre… it is an art movie of the kind in which Shabana Azmi… Om Puri… Smita Patil etc would star. The background reminds of that time.

I like art movies… so found it quite ok. Ok… not good. I was surprised that all reviews given were good. This is what happens when perceptions take the front seat. Anurag Kashyap has made a name for himself… to the point that critics have stopped trashing his movies. Some have even called it his best movie to date… which is so not true. Dev D and Udaan are the best. None of the others come close.
I also do not understand why such movies are hyped and why there is advertising done. Everybody goes to watch it expecting it to be a commercial movie and comes back disappointed. Why not just target the niche audience who will appreciate it?
Watch it only if you like art movies… else avoid. I would have preferred to download it online and then watch it instead of spending money.