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I have watched a few movies but not blogged about it (laziness?)

  • Shanghai: I was excited about the flick… Dibakar and Abhay. Everyone would have watched the movie by now so I will not get into the story. I liked the fact that it is based on reality… thats how politics works. It has not been given a happy ending as a compromise. It is not as exciting as it could have been… the end was predictable. Nevertheless, a good effort.
  • Madagascar 3: Watched it few weeks back. It was good but the magic of Madagascar was missing. It felt like a usual cartoon movie with a lesson in the end. Avoid.
  • Ferrari ki Swaari: I was excited about watching this one since the reviews are good and I like Sharman Joshi. Pathetic. All Sharman did was smile or cry. An overtly emotional Bollywood movie. But what was I expecting? It has been directed by Rajkumar Hirani. He is revered in the movie industry but I did not like his Munnabhai movies… they were too emotional. I had walked out mid way from the theater while watching the first part. Avoidable.
  • Brave: Last weekend we could not get tickets for Gangs of Wasseypur and decided to watch Brave. A really good flick. Loved it.
      • Gangs of Wasseypur: I have been hearing about the movie for a long time now and looked forward to watching it. I generally read reviews on I find them more reliable. I want to quote a few lines in the review:
    •  The film never recovers from the unforgivably tedious first half-hour, and despite many laudable moments and nifty touches, never quite engages. This is partly because of every Indian filmmaker’s befuddling desire to borrow plot-points from The Godfather whenever dealing with crime families, but mostly because Kashyap is defiant in his self-indulgence, piling on more and more when less could have done the job more efficiently.He wouldn’t have made a good hitman, clearly; Kashyap is a kingpin.

      It must here be remembered that mob bosses, at least the ones Hindi cinema have accustomed us to over the years, have hardly been an efficient lot. They growl orders, surround themselves by those applauding their every maniacal move, and, intoxicated by their own bluster, proceed to boast about their convoluted plot to the protagonist, resulting in their climactic downfall. It is this look-what-I-did windbaggery that constantly weighs down Wasseypur, a highly competent and occasionally enjoyable product, and keeps it from soaring like it should have.

    • As you can imagine, there’s a fair bit of Prakash Mehra [ Images ] and vintage Yash Chopra [ Images ] running through this film’s veins, and while Kashyap doffs his hat to each of the directors in style, his film tries too hard to be more: more than just an actioner, more than just a drama, more even than a bloodied saga. This overreaching desire to be an Epic makes it a film that, despite some genuinely stunning individual pieces, fails to come together as a whole. There is much to treasure, but there is more to decry.Entire sequences that could be compressed into clever throwaway lines are staged in grand, time-consuming detail; while genuinely sharp lines are often repeated, as if too good to use just once. The characters are a wild, fantastical bunch of oddballs and trigger-happy loons, but attempting to do each fascinating freak justice with meaty chunks of screen-time may not even be film’s job. Wasseypur may have worked better as a long and intriguing television series, one deserving a spin-off movie only after six seasons. Here it feels too linear, and even too predictable: scenes themselves often surprise, even delight, but the narrative is cumbersome and unexciting. And, as said before, Godfatherly.
I did not understand the review. It felt like someone was going out of his way to malign the movie. There are a lot of big words… too much imagery. A person reading movie reviews only wants to know if the movie is good or not. Period.
Anyway, the other reviews were good… so we watched it. I have seen Kashyap’s “No Smoking”… “The girl in the yellow boots”… which are his worst movies (my opinion)… but they are still better than most Bollywood flicks. They are different… they bring a different experience.
We decided to try the PVR gold class…. an indulgence, albeit an unnecessary one.
The movie is good… the story is not new… but the setting, background and events are real. It could have easily been shorter. The first part introduces Manoj Bajpai’s father and how he dies. That could have been cut short to 1-2 scenes. But after that, it is good. I like the fact that there are many new faces… and some we have seen here and there. Also liked the narrator… thank god, it has not been done by Amitabh/Shah Rukh. There are so many actors who are good orators… why only rely on Amitabh?
I am looking forward to the second part.
As for the gold class experience, it was ok. The tickets are priced at Rs 750 and include a recliner leather seat and welcome drink. Nothing great. We have a similar couch at home. An unnecessary indulgence.

Kung Fu Panda 2

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Part 1 was ok… good but not that great. I wasn’t too keen on the 2nd part but KC is a major fan of the series… he can quote each dialogue and never fails to catch it on TV over and over and over again.

Part 2 was about the search for the Panda’s real father. So, there is Kung Fu, the panda, monkey, tigress, bird, snake… and a new villain- the peacock.
Worth a watch, specially now that there are no good movies.


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We watched this flick last week and I forgot to review it. Rio is the story of a rare bird who species does not exist anymore-except for another female bird. So, the plan is to get them to mate and bring back the species. On the way, they get stolen and have to be rescued.

Animation movies are the safest bet these days…. they rarely disappoint. The movie is enjoyable and a riot of colours.
Must watch.


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Whatta movie. I loved it. A superhero movie with a twist.

I do not like 3d movies… the glasses are dark and when scenes are in 2d they are not clear with glasses on. So I have to wear glasses for 3d and remove them for 2d. Very irritating. In most theatres we have to pay a security deposit for the glasses which is returned on leaving. At Cinemax they made us BUY them for 30 bucks. They are cardboard glasses with 3d lens. We bought it for Gulliver’s travels and forgot to carry them for this movie. Anyone going for 3d can borrow/buy them from me.

Shrek Forever After

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After waiting for a week I found company to watch this flick… I managed to do it today. I had been looking for the torrent all week but they were all fake.

It is once of the few movies whose sequels are as great as the original one.
Shrek is a class apart… better than any animated movie. And the inclusion of fairy tale characters like Rumpelstintskin, Pied Piper etc is fun.
Loved this one… anyone have links for the torrent?

The Princess and the Frog

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KC is a fan of animated movies. He wanted to watch Kungfu Panda (I had seen it with Tanuj at Gurgaon) but could not rent the CD. We picked up this one instead.

The flick is ok kinds… can be watched in a theatre only. It is a musical… I hate animated musicals… exception is Aladdin.
You can give it a miss.
Story spoiler ahead:
A princess’s friend who works as a waitress turns into a frog when she kisses a frog prince. The frog prince was a prince who had been changed into a frog by a magician. They set out to search for the voodoo lady who can remove the curse. In the end, the frogs get married and turn into humans after they kiss.


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KC and I watched this flick on the weekend. It is a nice movie… I don’t know if I was too emotional that day or it was the movie but there were certain scenes which made me cry.
It is about a grumpy old man whose wife has died. It was her dream to explore South America. He ties helium balloons to his house and flies off to the place. There is a catch.. a small, fat boy named Russell accidentally comes along. It is a story of their adventure and the relationship they ultimately forge.
Nice… very nice.

PS: I watching ’28 days’ on Zee Studio. Good movie… I thought it was a comedy but it is about drugs addiction. For once, I like Sandra Bullock in some movie.