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Two years back when I joined work in Mumbai, I was responsible for the sales and distribution in 2 states in the Western part of the country. One of them had been a big challenge for a year and the team was struggling when I joined. I remember telling them “You aren’t in the driver’s seat. You need to step back, define the goals and the path to get there”. 6 months later, in January last year, my team from another state and I spent 2 days in our hotel’s coffee shop, worked out goal posts and how to get there. The team in another state replicated the same. The plans didn’t materialise because the goals changed and the path to get there was handed down to us. But it did put us in the driver’s seat and we knew where we were going.

The exact same advice was given by a senior colleague last week.

Him – Are you in the driver’s seat?

Me – No. Am not. Am surviving from one day to the next.

Him – Do you have your 30-60-90 days plan?

Me – I have a vague idea but nothing concrete

Him – Well, what are you waiting for?

It has been 1.5 months since I moved back. It is time to step back, define the goals and the path to meet them; at work and in life. Life should be lived in batches of 6 months. Live like you are going to die in 6 months.

I guess am never going to make a good financial advisor

Ok, maybe not that dramatic. I mean, if I had 6 months to live, I wouldn’t spend it selling candies.

Maybe, I would lock myself in a room and write a book.


Spend all day baking and selling it through social media.


Use my TRX trainer certification to make people fit.


I would do the rounds of open Mics to put my sarcasm to better use.


I would give women classes on shagging.

But, I digress. Tomorrow is Monday and I want to get out of bed so I should put a stop to the rambling.

In the long run, people only hit what they aim at“.

But hitting the goals you set is infinitely better than not having goals and not knowing why you are somewhere or worse, having goals but no idea how to get there and wasting time in numerous U turns.

In short, it is time to step back and put my life in order. Even if it means going awol for a whole day. Like KC put it succinctly; “you are taking the day off from work… to work”.

“That is crazy”.

But normal in the corporate world means being a pot bellied 40 year old male who wakes up every morning hoping people don’t find out he is a fraud.

I am never going to be that person.

If I wake up as a man, please shoot me in the head.

If I wake up at 40 with a pot belly, please shoot me in the head.

The fraud part is ok because deep down, we are frauds. And we know it.

And that is my motivational post to get you through Monday.

Or to shoot yourself in the head.

Disclaimer : This isn’t a post encouraging or ridiculing suicide or depression. Please do not send me mails from fake email addresses describing how someone you know killed themselves.

If my sense of humour is too dark for you, please click on “unfollow” or “block” and stop reading the blog. Thank you. 



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