Sunday Morning

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It is just 10 am and so much is already done… house is clean, b’fast and lunch has been cooked, my shoes have been washed and are drying outside, the shoe case has been settled, the newspaper has been read.

There are more chores to be done:
  • Fill thermocol balls in the bean bag
  • Change bedsheets and wash them
  • Send courier, get eyebrows done, buy veggies

But most of the above has to be done by KC.

Sat and Sunday mornings are a pain. I cannot sleep for even half an hour extra on Saturdays… same is the situation on Sunday. The door bell rings non stop- maid, cook, garbage man, laundry guy, car cleaner, newspaper bill… etc etc etc etc. I have rested my ass at 10 am only.
But today will have to be a relaxing day… I am determined to relax today. I need it. The last week is always hectic.

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