Sunday morning with hot Bournvita

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Hiya. I am waiting for the plumber to turn up and then electrician and then maybe, maybe… the Airtel DTH- if my stars are aligned. And then we will be done. The house will become a home… almost. We need seating arrangement in the living room which will have to wait till next weekend. The gas connection is done and I am having hot Bournvita after a long time.

Last night was great, after a movie with hubby we had drinks at home with AB followed by maggi and parathas at midnight at Convergys dhaba. It is nice to have some place teeming with people at that hour- a rarity in Gurgaon.
It is actually raining right now. Unbelievable weather. The winds will change in another month and I am savouring it till then.
I am liking the silence of Gurgaon after the noise of Mumbai. Everything in life is relative. We make future choices basis past experiences.

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  1. Completely agree. After staying in Mumbai, one can better appreciate other places and yet sometimes miss Mumbai so that one can visit Mumbai only for couple of days like a married girl visits her parents.


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