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I had a good morning with a interval run. Just 5 mins of sprints in 25 mins of run left me breathless. Best feeling in the world. I put good music on high volume while getting dressed and was in high spirits (spirits is not = alcohol) and then I made the mistake of going through fb notifications. Everyone seems to be talking about the JNU issue so much so that I have stayed away from twitter too. Anyway, I have started my day with a stranger calling me ‘deaf, blind and dumb’ because I replied to someone’s anti JNU post. I mean, if you want to convince someone of your point of view, abuse them- always works. Worse, this stranger said am physically disabled which isn’t even an abuse. This is why companies go through social media accounts before recruiting someone. They don’t want to be stuck with someone with such atrocious convincing skills.

Instead of fighting with people of low IQ, am going to rant here.

First of all, I don’t know what happened in JNU and details of the whole issue. I am not reading anything on the event because it isn’t relevant. Also, when emotions run high media takes sides and conveniently paints a picture supporting their view instead of letting everyone know the facts and leaving out opinions.

Here is what I think happened- Students protested against Afzal hanging (I have no idea why they would do that), student leader got arrested, a tweet was sent from Hafiz Saeed’s twitter account supporting the students, last I heard- it was a fake account, police got involved and arrested the leader for sedition, students and journalists got beaten up outside the court by lawyers calling them ‘anti national’ while the police stood by and watched and now the fire is spreading, people are sitting in their offices and home and getting angry at ‘anti nationals’ or at the government.

We live in a democracy where we have freedom of speech. If people like Sadhvi Pragya and Subramanian Swamy can spew their hate everywhere, why can’t a bunch of students? Why do the rules change depending on the government? The protest in JNU was a small thing that could have been handled by the university. Instead, the government and cops got involved. Why? Is that the priority number 1? Are all the crimes in Delhi at zero? I’d rather see the government taking a stand in the sexual harassment TERI case than on a stupid protest. I’d rather see them getting riled up about rapes than protests.

What the hell is ‘anti national’? Who the fuck came up with this word. I don’t agree with the idea of a bunch of people taking over pockets of the earth and making rules on how you should live there. But since I can’t change that, atleast I live in a country where you can say whatever you want. Criticizing your country is NOT anti national. And am pretty sure that people who use such words are sitting in their fancy apartments, driving fancy cars and have no idea what reality is like for the majority of the population.

In a gist – Please find better things to do, starting with this government. They have been elected by the people to uphold the constitution and not act like dumb fucks. Do they really think a terrorist organization is going to use student protests to spread terrorism? They are very smart men and operate covertly. Let the courts decide on whether the student leader is connected to Hafiz Saaed basis evidence collected by the police.

The BJP has dug it’s own grave by enraging students across the country across various institutes.

I have to mention this here. There are people getting pissed off at a cartoon SHARED by Kejriwal on twitter which shows Hanuman. Please note- he didn’t MAKE the cartoon but shared it. There was nothing offensive about it but people are all like ‘Our God’ has been used in a cartoon. When will people get the memo that ‘God’ is fictional. Hanuman did not really exist. And even if you believe he did exist, how are you not offended by Chotta Bheem? I mean, the cartoonist drew a cartoon about a character which is a cartoon.

Ok. Now I have to get back to work so I can earn money, 30% of which I can give the government so they can use it to quell protests which make no impact on my life.

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