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It was 2 years back in Singapore. We had our flight to Delhi early in the morning morning and decided to catch a movie in the vicinity on our last night. The Conjuring was playing in the theatres and I was excited about watching a horror movie. Being a normal human being, I was glued to the phone during the scary scenes. Am I actually supposed to watch them? Nobody told me the rules. KC got pissed off and he dragged me out of the theatre.

We did watch The Conjuring in Gurgaon with his friends and this time his friend and I were glued to our phones during the scary scenes. Since then, he refuses to accompany me for horror movies. Honestly though, I think he is scared but refuses to admit it.

Yesterday I watched Stree alone and didn’t look at my phone though I did try hiding behind a coffee cup during scary scenes. A pat on the back

All of the above is a filler for people who haven’t yet watched Stree but will scream ‘spoilers’ while reading this post.

********* START OF SPOILERS*********

  • Isn’t it wonderful that we have stories from small towns instead of the usual Mumbai and Delhi? Thanks to actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Nazwazuddin, Irfan Khan, Ayushmann Khurana, Rajkummar Rao etc etc etc, who look and talk like regular people.
  • Stree is brilliant. So brilliant that I plan to watch it again this week. Dum Laga ke Haisha is the only other movie I have watched twice in a theatre.
  • I can watch a movie which has Pankaj Tripathi playing all the roles. Like, he could be playing every character in the movie and I would watch it. He crackles in every scene here.
  • Stree is the perfect horror Bollywood comedy I have ever seen. Suitably scary with suspense and the effects don’t feel tacky.
  • The movie is about a female ghost who comes to the town 4 days in a year and any man who steps outside the house unaccompanied at night is taken away by the ghost. She only leaves his clothes behind. Pankaj Tripathi explaining this to Rajkummar Rao and his friends ‘The ghost is a female. She isn’t like us males. She doesn’t force anyone. She asks for their permission. Only when you turn back and look at her, does she consider it a “yes”. For her, only yes means yes”. A Bollywood movie talking about consent.
  • Scenes where the men are afraid to step outdoors at night are hilarious. Pankaj Tripathi “Ours is the only town in the country where the men feel unsafe at night instead of the women”.

In a gist, please go watch it.

It was the best part of my day yesterday which comprised of late morning, no-pants-day-at-home, Khan market, Perch, coffee, undisturbed reading time, Sarojini Nagar, candles shopping and lots of metro travel in the rains.

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