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Friendship is strange. As a kid and then a teenager my friends were my world… more so ‘coz I grew up in a boarding school. But over the years the dependence on these friends has decreased… maybe ‘coz everyone has become busy with their life… husbands, kids, family, jobs etc. The rules have changed. Maybe the entry of a guy (hubby or bf) has replaced the need for friends.

Either way, it is not the same… and the challenge is in accepting this but not resenting the situation. Maybe I am also the culprit… I don’t know… none of my friends have complained of being side tracked.

The reason for this post today is my best friend… I have been pissed with her for 28 days (Yes… I am counting… I am such a kid) but she doesn’t know… (I have a difficulty in expressing hurt)…
There have been times when we have been on the verge of letting go… but I always gave in. I guess this time I have decided not to… I am ready to let go… to stop being hurt and side tracked.

8 thoughts on “Strange friendships

  1. someone will surely excel in marketing coz they

    – Count the days ..
    – Keep the track of what they have done ..
    – Expect good outcomes ..

  2. No comments – Its 30 days now ( U still counting )

    But would surely like to ask that readers of your blog have the right to comment what they feel ?

  3. Good that u sorted it out… I feel in the long term most of our relations(friendships) are not worth letting go .. there are many happy moments which can more than compensate for the sad / disappointing ones…

  4. I agree… but every relationship is about give and take… compromise has to be at both ends… and the balance has to be maintained. Sure, ups and downs will be there… but sometimes you have to evaluate whether you mean as much to the other person…

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