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Yes… I am still working… have too much to do and less time. I don’t take tension on Saturday or Sunday… so I am going to finish as much as possible tonight even if it means keeping awake all night. Tomorrow I have to wake up early.

I had dinner with Rohan and his wife today. Rohan is my friend since college… we attended our MBA classes at the same center. I was one of the highest scorers in English. He had approached me and asked for tips to improve his English. We became friends.
I bumped into him in Oct at Rajkot. It was quite a surprise.
Anyway… the dinner was good… his wife is very sweet and innocent. I don’t remember the last time I met someone this innocent.

Earlier I spent 9 pm watching Sex and the City. The day the series ended on Zee Cafe I stopped watching TV. Guess what… they are showing repeat episodes at midnight now and I am so yay!!!
Tomorrow at this time I will be chatting or watching some movie with Khushi at A’bad.

Every episode SATC is related to some incident of my life. In today’s episode, Carrie comes across her ex-bf Mr Big who is getting engaged to another female. Carrie is shocked. He had told her he couldn’t commit… she is devastated. Getting mind fucked like this at 18 or 20 is expected… but at 35??? Horrible!!! Thank god for the few good men… I am with one of them.
Miranda and her ex-bf try to be friends… but end up having sex. I guess friendship with ex does not work out unless he is bad in bed.

Good night… I need to get back to my work…

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